REPORT: AZ Democrat Katie Hobbs Caught In Devastating Scandal

(Patriot Insider) – Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is running for governor, which is comical in and of itself considering what an abysmal job Hobbs did during the 2020 US presidential election cycle.

Not only is Hobbs, a Democrat, clearly unfit for the role of governor, it appears she has some skeletons in her closet that she’d likely rather not see the light of day.

One such skeleton is her Catholic preparatory high school’s annual “slave day” celebration during which freshman were treated like “slaves” and made to dress in less than flattering ways and perform “embarrassing acts of servitude.” obtained copies of past yearbooks from Seton Catholic Preparatory High School where Hobbs was a student from 1984 through 1988. From the yearbooks it’s clear Hobbs played an active role in the student body and was a member of the yearbook staff and student council for at least part of her time at the school.

From a 1985 yearbook, which would have been at the end of Hobbs’ freshman year, a series of pictures is captioned with a description calling freshman “slaves” and said they were “wearing unbecoming hairdos and unbecoming outfits, sporting embarrassing signs and performing embarrassing acts of servitude for senior masters for a day.”

Hobbs’ 1987 Student Council page credits her and other student leaders for having “coordinated the many class events during Spirit Week” – when Slave Day appears to have been celebrated. reported that the 1987 yearbook mentioned “Slave Day” four times and featured one image of a student on their knees while wearing a collar and leash being led by what appears to be a classmate. The “Slave Day” tradition was observed at the school for nearly 4 decades before coming to an end in 1997.

The yearbook also has images in which seniors can be seen “auctioning” on freshman slaves for just a couple of dollars.

One portion from Hobbs’ senior class yearbook refers to her grade “paying for cruelties rendered” during freshman initiation week on a day called “Senior Slave Day.”

Hobbs’ campaign has not responded to requests by the for comment.

She is currently running for governor of Arizona against Trump-endorsed Republican Kari Lake, a former local TV anchor.

Maybe “Slave Day” from nearly 40 years ago is no big deal but Hobbs has also been accused of racism by a former staff member for Arizona’s state Senate Democrats who has insisted Hobbs should not be the Democrats’ nominee.

“Is Katie Hobbs a racist as defined by the Oxford dictionary? Yes, she is. Is she worthy of sitting in any role of government? No, she is not,” Talonya Adams asserted during a press conference in December 2021, according to 12 News, in which she condemned Hobbs.

Adams’ assertion that Hobbs is a racist isn’t just empty rhetoric. Hobbs was forced to apologize after a jury sided with Adams and found that Adams was fired for speaking out against getting lower pay than white and male colleagues.

A recent CBS News poll shows Lake and Hobbs in a tight race with both receiving 49% support from likely Arizona voters.

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  1. And the fun begins! Both sides of the party has skeletons it’s amazing stupid s*** that we did during Middle School! I’m sure it really doesn’t Define who we are as adults!

  2. When I was a sophomore in High School in the early 80,s I played the role of an Indian (I have red hair) in the school play which portrade the role of an Indian at the discovery of America. Am i forever living with the so called disgrace of the race. I am sure there are people who are considering me as a racist……is that what this is all about???


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