Republican Senator Proposes New Bill To ‘Cancel’ Democratic Party

(Patriot Insider) – Republicans in the state of Florida, seemingly emboldened by Gov. Ron DeSantis are beginning to fight back hard against the liberal madness infecting the nation and boy, they are not pulling punches or taking prisoners. State Sen. Blaise Ingoglia recently filed SB 1248, which is a piece of legislation that is designed to cancel the state’s Democratic Party. Like I said, these Republicans mean business.

Fox News contributor Matteo Cina wrote, “The so-called ‘Ultimate Cancel Act’ would direct the Florida Division of Elections to ‘immediately cancel the filings of a political party, to include its registration and approved status as a political party, if the party’s platform has previously advocated for, or been in support of, slavery or involuntary servitude.'”

Cina continued, “The Democrat Party, the predominant political entity in Florida before 1990, advocated for slavery prior to 1865 and seceded from the Union in 1861. It is the only party recognized by the Florida Division of Elections that would be impacted by this law.”

“The reason behind filing this bill is that I was tired of Leftist Democrats canceling people, places, and things for occurrences that happened centuries ago regarding slavery,” Ingoglia remarked during an interview with Fox News Digital. “I always thought it was hypocritical that members of the Democrat Party would cancel others under those auspices, fully knowing that under the same metric their party should be canceled itself for years and decades of advocating a pro-slavery position in their own party platform.”

Under this new legislation, those who are officially registered as Democrats would be automatically re-registered as “no party affiliation.” Officers within the Democratic Party would be able to reorganize, but they would have to do so under a completely different name.

When Ingoglia was asked what he thought the new Democratic Party should be called if his law were to be passed, he stated, “the hypocrats sounds about right.” Man, this guy is brutal, isn’t he? The radical left has really cheesed off the vast majority of Republicans and common sense Americans in this country, to the point they are shaking off the chains of apathy and beginning to rise up and take action to fight back against their oppressors.

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    • What I meant to say was Stop the Democrats that are seem to destroying our country day by day. I do not mean any kind of violence, just politically and legally stop them from changing our country and our history.

  1. Sounds like this Guy has a great idea if they would pass this Bill we Americans wouldn’t have to worry about the destruction of our Country.

  2. Wow, I can’t seem to word my reply to make my meaning clear. I’m just saying, I feel the current Democrat party is not doing what is best for our country. I want the Republican party to do the best they can to protect our country’s history and constitution and everything our country was based on. I hope that explains where I am at. Want everything to be fixed legally and positively pro American.

  3. Every Democrat and RINO needs to be charged with Treason! The Government agencies need a thorough overhaul and the Management that is corrupt also needs to be charged with Treason and Face life in prison or possible firing squad. Obama, Soros, Gates, Buffett & the High Tech Execs including the Dominion Voting Machine Execs all need to face the same as Charges for Treason!

  4. This sounds like a very good way to get rid of the Radicalized Far Left Demoncrat Socialist Party, at least within Florida!!!! This should become a National Movement!!!!


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