Retailers Now Under Pressure From Activist Groups To Stop Calling The Police On Minority Shoplifters

(Patriot Insider) – Over the course of the last several years, America has been told by the radical left just how racist we truly are. The fight for “equality” has been heating up and massive national “civil rights” groups have emerged.

The most well-known of these groups, of course, being Black Lives Matter. However, BLM isn’t really very concerned with supposed “equality.” What they’re really after are special privileges for minorities, specifically black people.

BLM’s goal is to sow discord, division and strife within the US. They’re a Marxist organization at the core, yet millions of Americans, Big Tech and Corporate America have all thrown their support behind them.

The supposed fight for equality has been extremely volatile in the state of Minnesota over the course of the last year since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last May.

Now new reports are revealing that businesses in the state, and around the country, are being pressured by activist groups like BLM to ease up on the enforcement of shoplifting policies and other “low-level crimes.”

The activist groups claim that these kinds of policies and laws “unfairly” target and penalize blacks and other minorities.

Minnesota’s largest newspaper, the Star Tribune, reports that “criminal justice reform experts and diversity specialists” are urging major retailers and smaller merchants to “reassess how they treat Black and other minority customers and how they can handle loss prevention cases more equitably.”

Naturally, activists are using the death of George Floyd, a petty criminal and drug addict, as justification for their demands that businesses essentially turn a blind eye to shoplifting.

Activist groups are demanding that businesses do more to make blacks and other minorities feel more “welcome” via “bias training for employees, increased diversity hiring, and a softened approach to criminality,” as reported by NewsWars.

The Star Tribune reports that some, like Raymond Moss who runs the St. Paul-based Carl Moss Institute that helps young people who have been incarcerated successfully re-enter society, think that more stores need to stop calling the police for small crimes.

Moss, and others like him, believe that it should be the stores’ responsibilities to modify their loss prevention approaches and cater to shoplifters rather than hold petty criminals accountable.

Moss says that when police do need to become involved, the approach should not be to arrest criminals but rather for police to steer the interaction “to diversion programs with groups that are familiar with working with youth of color.”

He also believes that retailers should do away with the practice of using off-duty police officers as security guards.

The activists pushing for the softening of shoplifting policies claim that black people and other people of color are unfairly profiled because of “racial stereotypes” which they claim often leads to “exclusionary treatment of people of color.”

So, instead of taking tougher stances on shoplifting and other “low-level crimes,” to deter criminals while protecting store owners and those abiding by the law and providing their communities with a service, the solution is to cater to petty criminals.

If black people don’t like the stereotype that they’re more likely to shoplift then maybe they should get together and do something to change that within their own communities rather than demand retailers just put up with criminal activity.

It’s a statistical fact that black people are involved in more criminal activity than other ethnicities but, apparently, stereotypes are racist no matter how accurate they are.

If black people don’t want to be treated “unfairly due to their race” while shopping in stores then black people should stop shoplifting from stores.

Obviously, we know not all black people shoplift and commit “low-level” crimes. That’s not what we’re saying at all. We are saying, however, that the ratio of black people who do shoplift is far greater than the ratio of other ethnicities.

Retailers have the right to protect their own interests even if some find that “offensive” or “racist.”

It’s completely absurd to expect stores to cater to shoplifters just because they’re black yet in 2021 several national retailers are reportedly entertaining ways to update their policies and address “bias” and loss prevention protocols in ways that aren’t “racist.”

Go woke, go broke.

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  1. all shop lifters should be prosecuted no matter who they are. How long does government and these groups think a business can stay open by allowing no prosecution of these criminals at all. Then for that matter – I guess these special interest groups just want the doors to be open and have a free for all at the expense of business owners and the taxpayer. If this is allowed by the business owners-God Help Us. What will the next step be? Then these criminals will think they can rob and invade our homes and we will have no rights?

  2. No law in this country should be directed at any particular race. Any law that has a race specified in it is racist and is contributing to the racial divide in this country. All people are supposed to be equal under the laws of this country.

  3. these “activist ” organizations are just criminal racist organizations who perpetrate fraud on the American citizens


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