Senator Destroys Biden: ‘Incoherent And Confused’ President Doesn’t Have A Plan

(Patriot Insider) – Joe Biden is the king of the do-nothing Democrats. While our economy spirals out of control, Biden continues to pretend he and his regime are actually doing a great job and that all of America’s problems have been caused by Vladimir Putin.

He’s clearly not interested in doing a darn thing to help end the numerous crises facing Americans. Republican Sen. Rick Scott (FL) said Biden is “incoherent and confused” and blasted him for his do-nothingness during an interview with One America News.

Scott made the remarks to OAN Thursday after Biden trashed his 11-Point Plan to Rescue America and labeled it an “ultra MAGA agenda.”

The fact that Joe Biden is anti-MAGA, which stands for Make America Great Again, is proof alone that he’s an anti-American puppet usurper who’s only mission is to implement the radical agenda of those who installed him.

Scott didn’t take too kindly to Biden’s dismissal of his plan, which he calls “common sense” and the majority of Americans would agree.

“First off, I think the president is incoherent and he’s confused,” the former Florida governor said.

He noted that the entire point of Biden’s White House press conference on Wednesday was to address inflation but that Biden didn’t even discuss it.

“First off, his press conference was supposed to be about inflation. He didn’t say anything about inflation,” Scott said. “He has no plan.”

He also blasted Biden for refusing to take responsibility for the historic inflation which was caused by his regime’s excessive spending and oppressive regulatory environment.

Americans can clearly see inflation has not been caused by Putin and has been rapidly increasing since Biden took office.

Biden has even attempted to claim that his regime has implemented policies that have reduced the national debt to which Scott again claimed Biden is “confused.”

“I want to get people back to work,” Scott said. “We have a very low labor participation rate under Joe Biden. We’ve got massive inflation under Joe Biden. We’ve got massive debt.”

He also slammed Biden for his administration’s underfunding of Medicare and Social Security despite the White House announcing the biggest Social Security benefit increase in 39 years. The program is on track to run out of funds starting in 2024, according to a report published by the U.S. Treasury Department.

That means there will be scores of Americans who paid into the program for their entire working lives but won’t receive a dime in benefits when it’s their turn to retire.

Senator Scott expressed frustration that the Biden regime is doing absolutely nothing to address the myriad of problems they’ve created.

Not only is Biden not doing anything but he’s attacking Republican efforts to help Americans. During his Wednesday press conference, Biden specifically called out Scott’s plan, claiming that it would raise taxes.

“Senator Rick Scott of Florida, a United States senator who is leading the Republican National Senatorial Campaign Committee, released what he calls the ‘ultra MAGA agenda.’ It’s a MAGA agenda, all right,” Biden scoffed.

“Let me tell you about this ultra MAGA agenda,” the president continued. “It’s extreme, as most MAGA things are. It will actually raise taxes on 75 million American families, over 95 percent of whom make less than $100,000 a year.”

Scott’s plan says that “over half of Americans pay no income tax” and calls for everyone to pay something, even if a small amount, “to have skin in the game.”

The Senator responded to Biden’s attack just hours later during a Fox News appearance.

“First off, almost every sentence was a complete lie,” he said.

He stressed the point that Biden’s policies are hurting everyone in America.

“Since he’s been in office, inflation is 8.5 percent,” Scott said. “We just had a negative GDP, down 1.4 percent. So you see, people are struggling all across this country.”

He continued: “When I was governor of Florida, on top of cutting taxes 100 times — and by the way, reducing the debt of the state by a third — what I also did was I fixed the pension plan.

“Joe Biden, since he’s been around, made sure that Social Security or Medicare are in a worse position every year. Medicare goes bankrupt in four years. He doesn’t want to fix it. Democrats don’t want to fix it.”

Scott’s 11-point plan prioritizes economic growth, fraud-free elections and public safety, and puts America first.

Naturally, Biden is going to call his plan “extreme” because it calls for securing the border, “color-blind equality,” the enforcement of our laws, reducing government bureaucracy, and throwing critical race theory out the window.

“America will be dependent on NO other country,” the plan asserts. “We will conduct no trade that takes away jobs or displaces American workers.”

“Countries who oppose us at the UN will get zero financial help from us. We will be energy-independent and build supply chains that never rely on our adversaries.”

This is “extreme,” of course, to Joe Biden and the Democrats who are working diligently to destroy everything that makes America great.

Biden is an abject failure and he’s destroying America.

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  1. Part of the problem with Social Security is that Social Security’s fund was raided by our government and Social Security was given IOU’s which can never be repaid. The funds raided were spent on pet projects by these politicians years ago! This money was all contributed by the taxpayer as a retirement fund and I would call that theft! If we had had the option of putting that money into our own private retirement fund we would still have the money and anything leftover would have gone to our families! Now if you die before you retire or shortly after who gets the money that you put in? It sure isn’t your family!

  2. Biden and his Marxist, socialist, democrat, handlers do have a plan and it is the exact opposite of making America great again. Their plan is to make American government great, not the people who they are supposed to answer to, not America’s industries, not our military who are needed to police our enemies, not our schools systems or colleges, not our judicial system. No they wish to reduce all that to rubble where the judicial system rubber stamps their illegitimate Marxist government, where our universities and schools turn out propaganda spouting commie activists who contribute nothing to society, a military worried about what pronouns they call each other and on any day don’t have to be soldiers unless they feel like it, where they own all the businesses and communications venues which they use to suppress and keep the citizens in line, a country where the people are beholding to them for their existence. The complete opposite to the country envisioned by the founding fathers. That’s their plan.


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