Shock Claim: ‘Brutal Sexual Assault’ By Next Pick For U.S. Supreme Court

(Patriot Insider) – Joe Biden will get his first chance to appoint a justice to the US Supreme Court and there’s already plenty of speculation as to what comes next. With liberal Justice Stephen Breyer stepping down in favor of retirement, a position will soon be open and ready for Biden to fill.

We can only imagine Biden will be searching out the most radical leftist the country’s highest court has ever seen but it certainly won’t be the most shocking and destructive action he’s taken since usurping the White House.

Some are already beginning to speculate as to who Biden will select to fill Breyer’s seat. Roger Stone, a close associate of President Trump, has a shocking revelation concerning the identity of Biden’s prospective pick.

Stone took to to share his message:

“I have to tell you something that’s difficult for me to talk about,” Stone began.

“I’ve never shared this with anyone before, but when I was young, I was violated in a brutal sexual assault that I never reported.

“The perpetrator was whomever Biden nominates to the Supreme Court.”

Stone’s sarcastic post was an obvious jab at the leftist circus that surrounded the nomination and confirmation process of Justice Brett Kavanaugh during Trump’s tenure.

As you recall, when Kavanaugh was selected by President Trump the radical left had an absolute meltdown. Out of nowhere, Christine Blasey Ford “bravely” came forward with her “stunning” confessions of a sexual assault that happened years, nay decades, ago.

Her tale, lacking significant details and key information, was shoved down our throats and we were told that we had to “believe women.” Of course, the very same radicals changed their tune pretty quickly when it was Joe Biden being accused of the sexual assault by women with much more credible stories.

Nonetheless, Kavanaugh was confirmed in spite of all the madness and lies and now we can look back and have a good laugh at just how absurd and hysterical the left is.

Many users on Gab appreciated Stone’s tongue-and-cheek confession. One user commented, “Me too, Roger! I can still vividly remember that face!” while another said, “That nominee got me too!”

Another commented, “Yes, I was at at a college party with whoever Brandon nominates and they put drugs in the punch bowl and gang raped everyone at the party and the neighbors’ goat.”

“I am so sorry,” started another user, adding, “the nominee was also drinking, they held you down and caused permanent trauma. The body odor was almost as severe as the pain. If we all stick together, we will get through this and begin a new movement, ‘Me Also.’ Because ‘Me Too’ is a bunch of whores.”

“He/she did it to me as well, it’s indelible in my hippocampus as well as my [backside],” joked another.

Leftists will never admit the entire ordeal surrounding Kavanaugh’s confirmation was completely ridiculous but that shouldn’t stop the rest of us from having a good laugh.

The worst part is, whomever Biden picks is likely to be a whole lot more corrupt than Kavanaugh could ever be and no one on the left or in the media will dare dig too deep. They’re all a bunch of frauds.

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