SHOCK REPORT: Biden’s Border Betrayal… 100,000 Dead Americans

(Patriot Insider) – There’s a lot of things the current Biden-Harris administration has done since taking office last year that has Americans blowing steam out of their ears, but there’s little doubt that one of the most nefarious is the full-scale invasion of our nation that our two “leaders” have allowed to happen here at home.

According to WND, the United States is experiencing a foreign invasion at the southern border, the freest and greatest country on earth, and the implications and repercussions of this are, as of now, largely unrecognized, and with no shock at all, is being underreported by the establishment media, which is no longer following the true mission of journalism to provide people with the truth so they can make informed decisions, but instead are acting as propaganda machines.

“Unthinkable as their intentional invade-America policy is, the reason Team Biden implements it is every bit as depraved as the policy itself: It’s all so the Democratic Party – which in the current era is led almost entirely by deranged, lying, power-obsessed autocrats – can remain in power in America forever,” the report said.

“After all, every poll, even those emanating from the most liberal establishment outlets, shows the Biden administration has lost most of America. That presents a problem to Democrats, who are, first and foremost, totally obsessed with and committed to staying in power at all costs. Nothing in heaven or earth is more important to them. How, then, having lost the confidence of the citizens of the nation they rule, can they still hold on to the reins of power?” It continued.

The plan by the Democrats has two parts to it. The first, which is aided by their current collusion with both Big Tech and Big Media, is to participate in rigging elections and committing acts of fraud in every way you can possibly imagine, the same way they did in 2020.

The second is essentially allowing folks to flood into the country from the southern border as a means of creating a whole new electorate, largely due to the fact that their insane policies have alienated a large portion of the American people.

The Democrats are wanting to stay in power permanently from this moment in time on forward into eternity, therefore, they are working on putting together what many party strategists refer to as a “permanent progressive majority” here in the U.S. In order to accomplish this mission, the radical left is importing millions of illegal aliens who are beholden to the Democratic Party for enabling them to cross into the country.

But that’s not all that emboldens them. The Democratic Party has worked hard to ensure these individuals receive all sorts of benefits, including free health care, food stamps, and welfare checks.

So first they help them break the law to get here, and then they use up tax dollars to ensure they have a cushy life while they are here. Meanwhile, our own citizens end up losing job opportunities and access to help they legitimately need. A hard working family has to watch free loaders take the money right out of their paychecks and enjoy sitting around the house while they hold down multiple jobs to make ends meet.

“This bears repeating: As perverse and suicidal as it sounds, today’s Democrats are illegally importing an entirely new pro-Democrat electorate into America, because actual American citizens and voters can’t stand them anymore,” the report said.

“Unfortunately, even the best of the illegal aliens that Team Biden is encouraging to invade America have no loyalty to this nation’s Constitution nor its history of liberty, limited government and individual rights and responsibilities, not to mention its dominant Judeo-Christian culture. Most have come from corrupt, autocratic, semi-functional dictatorships and are generally low-skilled people who, once here, are needy of government support. In other words, the perfect Democrat voter,” WND reported.

“It goes downhill from there. For generously mixed in with the endless mega-caravans of aliens illegally crossing America’s southern border – migrants hailing not just from Mexico and Central America, but from nations around the globe, including the Arab-Muslim Middle East, Africa, even (according to recent reports) hundreds from Russia and Ukraine – there are countless drug traffickers, sex traffickers, MS-13 gang members, terrorists, cartel members, drug mules, rapists and convicted criminals, all indiscriminately welcomed into America with open arms. Many are secretly flown by night all over the country at taxpayer expense, courtesy of the Biden administration,” WND said.

“And it gets even worse: This massive illegal immigration, which the Democrats love, is primarily responsible for the astronomical level of illegal drugs being brought across the U.S-Mexico border, particularly fentanyl, which in turn is responsible for many of the 100,000 overdose deaths in the United States every year. Indeed, overdosing on fentanyl is now the No. 1 cause of death of Americans ages 18 to 45!” It added.

“The unchecked importation of illegal drugs into America, which vastly enriches the criminal Mexican cartels that essentially rule that nation, in turn powerfully fuels the ubiquitous drug addiction in America’s streets that is disguised as a crisis of ‘homelessness,'” the WND report stated.

However, the “homeless crisis,” which has grown and spread like a cancer well beyond America’s largest cities and is now negatively impacting small towns and villages, is, with only a few exceptions, a very dishonest “euphemism” for our real problem, which according to WND, is drug addiction.

There are so many people in our nation that are broken and trapped by their addiction to substances that they cannot function in society independently. They end up living on the streets, shooting up constantly, defecating in public places, and even committing crimes.

All the while the Biden administration is encouraging and even funding all of this, erecting $300,000-per-unit apartments for “the homeless” and then directing $30 million taxpayer dollars to play for “safe smoking kits,” clean syringes, and needles so these folks can “safely” some all sorts of drugs and shoot up heroin.

And if you dare to speak out about the border crisis, Biden sends out his lapdogs in the FBI to try and silence you.

This is Joe Biden’s America.

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