SHOCKING: Fox News Talker Broadcasts Plan To Ban Trump From 2024 Run

(Patriot Insider) – Fox News analyst and political commentator Juan Williams, a flaming Democrat, published an opinion piece on Monday in which he argues that President Donald Trump should not be allowed to run for president in 2024 due to his alleged connection to the January 6 riots at the Capitol Building.

According to WND, Williams claims the power to pull such a move lies with Attorney General Merrick Garland.

“Garland has the power to rule out another Trump run by citing ‘section 3 of the 14th amendment, which bars anyone from holding office who “engaged in insurrection,” against the U.S.,’ Robert Reich, the former Labor secretary, recently wrote in The Guardian,” Williams stated in his piece that was published on The Hill.

“So, yes, there is a case to be made that Trump committed crimes against America,” he continued.

Williams then went on to cite a piece that was published by the Washington Post which said that President Trump’s “attempted coups cannot be ignored.”

Yes, that’s right, folks. The same people who orchestrated massive voter fraud on a level which had never been seen before are accusing Trump of trying to pull off a coup. That’s rich, isn’t it?

“‘The bottom line is this: Now that Trump is out of office, the DOJ’s view that sitting presidents cannot be indicted no longer shields him. Attempted coups cannot be ignored,’ wrote lawyers Laurence Tribe, Barbara McQuade and Joyce White Vance in a recent column in The Washington Post,” Williams went on to write.

“If Garland’s Justice Department is going to restore respect for the rule of law, no one, not even a former president can be above it,” the Fox News analyst added.

“Yes, Garland has the power to stop Trump from running again. It is time to use it,” Williams concluded.

This isn’t the first piece this month that Williams has penned that is an assault on President Trump. Back on August 9, the political analyst posted another piece up on The Hill in which he said, “Former President Trump and his disciples in the GOP are really putting the ‘con’ in modern conservatism these days.”

Williams took an opportunity to address fundraising reports about Trump, claiming, “Trump’s fundraising haul exceeded the sums raised by his party’s House and Senate campaign groups. As an individual, he was basically on pace with the Republican National Committee.”

“Despite attacks by Williams and others who claim Trump should not run for president in 2024, the former president continues to make moves that indicate he’s planning a comeback,” the WND report said.

“Two recent hires by Trump are driving speculation that he is gearing up to launch another presidential campaign in 2024,” the report continued, adding, “The Des Moines Register reported Thursday that Trump, through his Save America PAC, has hired Iowa natives and Republican Party operatives Eric Branstad and Alex Latcham as consultants.”

It’s not clear at this point what Brandstad and Latcham were hired to do, but both of these individuals have a very deep understanding of state politics.

Taylor Budowich, the communications director for Save America, has confirmed to the Register that both hires are now on the payroll.

At the end of the day, Trump should absolutely be allowed to participate in the 2024 presidential election. First off, he did not cause the January 6 riots. In fact, he condemned violence and told people to remain peaceful during their protest activities. Some folks, who could have been leftist plants, got out of control. He had no control over their personal choices.

Secondly, this election was stolen from him. Tons of evidence exists to prove this is true. As such, he should definitely be allowed to run and have an opportunity, given a fair and free election, to right that wrong.

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  1. Poor Juan, he has never heard of the FBI and the fact that they exonerated Trump in connection to Jan.6.
    He is the reason that most people stopped watching the Five.

    • Juan was never the brightest bulb. I’m putting it kindly when I say this. I recall when FOX rescued his as$ when he was fired by NPR, by hiring him. The network finally admitted their mistake and let him go. When he was on the FIVE he had some of the most asinine, dumb comments. Juan might be a nice guy personally, but like most Leftwing Marxist democrats, there’s “nothing upstairs”.

  2. You think your one vote will take down President Trump!? Keep kidding yourself, Narcissus…

    To the one who won’t post my emails…no, you never posted my reply. Do you not believe in free speech? You never post my reply’s!

      • LMFAO,
        Do you not understand that you Dumbocraps are losing your shirts because of your idiotic views, ideas ? The dumb ideology that drives you has put you out of contention for “ANY” of the top jobs in govt. Everyone, even many Dumbocraps have decided to dump your leadership. Biden, Heels Up Harris are ignorant morons who cannot complete a sensible sentence. If that’s the best that Dumbocraps have to offer, and it is, your party is in very bad shape. Speaking of scumbags, most of your leadership (Biden, Harris, Schumer Piglosi, Clintons, etc) are certified scumbags.

  3. Good work patriot insider Juan Williams gets about 5 minutes a month of air time, maybe this is why he no longer has a job on the 5

    • Anytime Juan Williams was on the Five, I did not watch. I honestly do not know how anyone could be as outside the norm as Williams is. He, Williams is about as sensible as Biden and Harris.

  4. Apparently Juan Williams doesn’t know that the FBI said they could find NO CONNECTION between Trump and what happened on January 6th, which wasn’t an insurrection. Trump WILL run again in 2024 and he’ll win provided the communist Democrats don’t STEAL ANOTHER ELECTION. Hopefully by then we’ll have the voter roles straightened out and we won’t be using the corrupt DOMINION VOTING MACHINES!

  5. TRUMP WON! They know it,we know it,and Trump knows it! Hope he run’s,hope the election is honest,then Trump will win easily,and I HOPE he them goes after EVERY BASTARD dem-o-rat that tried to screw him using the same tactic’s they used on him.Karma’s a bitch.

  6. Juan Williams is nothing more than a HACK that needs to be Invested for FRAUD ad CORRECTION. Williams needs to be removed from All Day time programming. And FOX NEWS needs ALL ties with Little boy Williams.

    • i dare this buffoon to say this to President Trump’s face. he would poop his pants. he and al sharpton both belong in jail for tax evasion.

  7. Juan Williams, why don’t you write an option on Joe Biden and Hunter Biden and the corruption they’ve committed against America.
    In my 73 years I have never seen a more corrupt President than Joe Biden. With that being said, when President Trump runs a 3rd time I will take my old ass to vote in early voting. TRUMP
    Might I suggest you,Juan Williams get on the
    TRUMP TRAIN and ride to
    Make America Great Again

  8. Being the total failure that Biden has been in only his first year, there is no way that he should be allowed to run again in 2024. Who in their right mind would even vote for him? Even the Democrats know that, but they don’t have anybody else who will volunteer to be Soros’ and Obama’s puppet. In the first place, he knows his polling numbers are down to 37% and swirling around the drain yet he claims he doesn’t believe the polls. Will he believe the results in 2024 if he runs again and LOSES? Maybe then he’ll believe that the polls were right.

    He shouldn’t even be allowed to run again because he has not protected this country from the invasion of all the illegal aliens coming through our southern border bringing with them, human trafficking, drugs, and the abduction and raping of children.

  9. So what law school did Juan attend and graduate from? Why are we supposed to believe his opinion is any more correct than say, mine? As it stands today, our judicial system is full of quacks like Merrick Garland and we dodged a bullet when Trump refused to put him up for a SCOTUS nomination. Juan is lucky he has a job at all. Fox did not abandon him when he was nuclear hot from not being woke enough for NPR yet he still shills for the leftist mob. Trump no more contributed to breaking into the Capital than I did. After spending 5 years trying to pin something on Trump, you’d think these guys would see the light. Trump is the real deal, not our current moron in chief. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights is the real deal, not Marxist reimagining of reality. It’s time for these guys to wake up and smell the roses, they are pedaling a false religion as a political utopia.

  10. Democrats rigged the election then call out Trump for insurrection. That seems to be a tread lately, Democrats try to pin Republicans with something they actually did.


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