SICK: Former CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden Agrees It’s A “Good Idea” To Drop Unvaccinated Trump Supporters In Taliban-Controlled Afghanistan

(Patriot Insider) – If you thought the Taliban hated America, that’s nothing compared to radical leftists who are doing everything in their power to destroy this great country.

They hate American exceptionalism, capitalism, and freedom but most of all they hate patriotic, country-loving Americans and especially the ones who refuse to go along with their deranged agenda.

The sickos on the left, after all, consider Trump supporters and conservatives to be “terror threats” and would do anything to rid the US of all 75 million of us.

This disdain for fellow Americans was put on full display recently when former CIA Director General Michael Hayden said it was a “good idea” to send unvaccinated Trump supporters over to the now-Taliban controlled Afghanistan.

What a tolerant and loving sentiment.

A twitter user tweeted, “Can we send the MAGA wearing unvaxxed to Afghanistan, no use sending that plane back empty?” to Hayden.

His response? “Good idea.”

Hayden is a typical TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) sufferer and has routinely targeted Trump and his supporters over the years because of Trump’s efforts to reverse the precedents established by Hayden when he was CIA Director.

Trump, while trying to work for the American people, was attempting to bring back accountability for Washington DC elites and bureaucrats. He was trying to end the abuses of power by these progressive tyrants within the CIA and other government agencies.

The elites’ disdain for Americans doesn’t end with them. Thanks to their sycophant media lapdogs millions of our fellow Americans have been brainwashed into hating conservatives and Trump supporters as well.

In a recent video by media commentator Mark Dice, numerous Americans signed a fake petition in support of having Trump supporters who believe the 2020 election was stolen to be rounded up and arrested.

“We want to stop these Trump supporters from continuing to say that Joe Biden stole the election,” Dice tells a couple, egging them on.

In the video, Dice tells those signing the petition that he’d like to see Trump supporters jailed for at least 30 days for discussing such views at Happy Hours or at the dinner table.

“You’re not allowed to say that on social media. It violates the terms of service, but we want to start arresting them because they’re still saying it out, in… offline. You know after the January 6 incident they banned anybody from claiming that there was election fraud on social media.”

It’s utterly shocking to see so many Americans perfectly fine with political persecution in the land of the free.

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  1. Hey mikey – this tired old broken Master Chief is willing to go over there since I don’t have much to lose – are your? Of course with your attitude I would NOT trust you to watch my six so you would have to lead from the front, that might be a novel experience for you.

  2. As Colbert and anther head of Traitor military people’s of the left surely know how was Afghanistan Taliban is in victory over the US so call home grown Terrorisms themselves is beings longtime in this country that drowning with Communist China influences and been brainwashed dominated all leftist entertaining industries just fews of examples they should hauling Jihadi with Taliban ISIS ways the HELL OF ALLAH in the USA !

  3. How many people in the White House, Congress, SCOTUS, FBI, CIA, and other Biden administration staff are vaccinated? The American people who are being pressured and denied their right to choose need to know.


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