Smoking Gun: New Hunter Biden Emails Reveal What He Did To Help Take Down Ex-Ukrainian Prosecutor

(Patriot Insider) – A new batch of emails has some explosive details regarding how Hunter Biden, along with Democrat strategists, managed to put together a plan to have a Ukrainian prosecutor booted from his job in order to stop investigations into Burisma.

A report published by the Daily Mail said the new messages buttress support for claims made by former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin that both Hunter and his dear old dad worked together in order to end his investigation.

“Last weekend Fox News broadcast an interview with Shokin, where he repeated his previous allegations that Joe Biden got him fired over his Burisma probe,” the DM report noted. “Emails obtained by from Hunter’s abandoned laptop lay bare how the First Son was involved in Burisma’s attempts to thwart law enforcement looking into its alleged corruption. On May 12, 2014, the day before Hunter’s $1million-per-year appointment to Burisma’s board was publicly announced, executive Vadym Pozharskyi emailed the then-VP’s son from his personal Gmail account, warning that the firm’s owner Mykola Zlochevsky was likely under criminal investigation in Ukraine.”

“We urgently need your advice on how you could use your influence to convey a message / signal, etc to stop what we consider to be politically motivated actions,” Pozharskyi divulged in the message. The executive working for Burisma claimed the company was the victim of blackmail.

“In case we don’t cooperate i.e. provide money in cash the gas production business of [Zlochevsky] would be stopped,” he remarked. “After unsuccessful attempts to receive funds from our side, they proceeded with concrete actions.”

At the time all of this was happening, Zlochevsky was being investigated by both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and by the British intelligence services, for money laundering, which he allegedly carried out by giving his own companies highly lucrative gas contracts while he was working as the country’s environment minister and packing away $23 million from abroad.

The first son then teamed up with his law firm at the time, Boies, Schiller, & Flexner, to cook up some responses for Burisma and made an elevator pitch for advice about gathering up “intelligence” on new staff members working for the Prosecutor General’s office by employing Nardello & Co., an investigative agency. In other words, he hired investigators to dig up dirt on folks working for Shokin in order to blackmail them and get them to stop investigating the company where he sat on the board.


Because if it were discovered that there was corruption at a company where the then-vice president’s son worked, it would reflect negatively on the elder Biden’s push to get rid of corruption in Ukraine. And potentially expose their other lucrative arrangement: influence peddling.

‘It would be helpful to gain intelligence on who is leading the restructuring the individuals being considered for those posts,’ he stated in a message.

‘Agreed – that is part of what their human intel sources are seeking to learn,’ the Boies partner, Heather King, declared in response.

“A senior US diplomat in Ukraine, George Kent, testified to Congress that a deputy in the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office told him Zlochevsky ended up paying a $7 million bribe to Ukrainian justice officials in December 2014 to sabotage the US-UK probe,” The DM reported.

When Shokin was first named to the position of Prosecutor General in 2015, it wasn’t long before Burisma found the spotlight shining on them and immediately turned to Hunter for help, asking him to call in the “Big Guy.”

“Shokin had launched new investigations into the gas firm, took legal action against one of his staff for the alleged sabotage of Zlochevsky’s $23 million money laundering case, and even got a court to temporarily freeze the Ukrainian oligarch’s assets,” the DM stated. “Hunter hooked Burisma up with Washington DC consultancy Blue Star Strategies, run by former Clinton administration officials, and Pozharskyi spelt out their role in a November 2, 2015 email.”

He then asserted that the “ultimate purpose” behind their work was “to close down for any cases/pursuits against Zlochevsky in Ukraine.”

I mean, it doesn’t get much clearer than that, right?

Pozharskyi wasn’t exactly thrilled that the proposal for the job, crafted by Blue Star, didn’t include a promise to woo top American diplomats, which would have required the company to register with the Justice Department as a foreign agent. But Hunter, along with his partners, said they didn’t want to put things down in writing.

‘I would tell Vadym that this is definitely done deliberately to be on the safe and cautious side and that Sally [Painter, Blue Star COO] and company understand the scope and deliverables,’ Hunter’s business partner Eric Schwerin penned in a written communication privately to the first son.

‘If you and Devon [Archer, Hunter’s friend and fellow board member] feel comfortable that they will deliver what in real terms we are talking about, we should disregard the wording of the scope and move further with signing and starting actual work,’ Pozharskyi replied.

‘Devon and I do feel comfortable with BS [Blue Star] and the ability of Sally & Karen [Tramontano, CEO] to deliver,’ Hunter gave in a response dated November 5, 2015.

Former Clinton staffers were brought on board and worked to lobby officials at the State Department on behalf of Burisma. They were investigated some time later for not filing under the Foreign Agents Registration Act and being late to file 2021 paperwork.

Devon Archer provided congressional testimony that demonstrated Hunter called his then-vice president father to get help in dealing with Shokin, at the request of Zlochevsky after a board meeting took place at the Four Seasons hotel in Dubai in December 2015.

‘I think they were getting pressure and they requested Hunter help them with some of that pressure,’ Archer testified. ‘The request is like, ‘Can DC help?’ he added. ‘There weren’t specific, you know, Can the Big Guy help?’ It was always this amorphous, ‘Can we get help in DC?’

Archer then revealed that Pozharskyi said that Hunter ‘called his dad’ – though clarified the word the Burisma executive used was ‘DC’.

‘I just know that there was a call that happened there and I was not privy to it,’ he commented.

Just three days later, Biden made a trip to Kiev where he had a meeting with President Petro Poroshenko as part of his role in leading relations with Ukraine on behalf of the Obama administration.

“His National Security Adviser Colin Kahl told the Washington Post that behind the scenes, Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in US aid to Ukraine if Shokin was not fired, among other reforms. The next day, December 8 2015, Joe gave a speech to the Ukrainian parliament, noting ‘the Office of the General Prosecutor desperately needs reform,'” Daily Mail explained.

“In the eight days before Shokin’s eventual sacking in March 2016, Biden phoned Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko four times to hammer home the $1 billion threat, Biden’s former aides told the LA Times in 2019,” the piece continued.

Shokin has claimed that then-Vice President Biden sealed his fate, ensuring he was booted from his position as a means to protect Burisma and help Hunter.

Of course, the Democratic Party is trying their hardest to deny all of this, employing the use of the term “conspiracy theory” in order to downplay the allegations and make it seem like tinfoil hat nonsense. But it’s not. There is actual, tangible evidence to support claims of corruption. It’s time for Hunter and Joe Biden to pay the piper.

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  1. When is this jackass Biden and his crackhead son finally going to have charges against them and they are going to be sentenced? Hasn’t this shit gone on long enough? Why are they being protected? There is more than enough proof of all the corruption that they were doing. This country needs the truth, all of us need the truth.

  2. Since Republicans took the majority they have found out what President Biden told us when he was running for office is not true. He said he never had any dealings with his son’s business, that he never even talked to him. Not only did he call into the meetings, he went to dinner. And after the dinner, Hunter Biden got a new Porsche, and there was 3.5 million transferred. As a sitting vice president, the Biden family created 20 shell companies. They received 16 of 17 payments from Romania while Biden was vice president and the money would flow to nine family members. There is a movement of his administration of weaponization. The special prosecutor, David Weiss, actually let the statute of limitations run out on Hunter Biden’s taxes. The FBI actually informed Hunter Biden and the inaugural committee prior to interviewing Hunter Biden. The DOJ tried to give a sweetheart deal to Hunter Biden and the judge said ‘no.’ An impeachment provides Congress the apex of legal power to get all the information they need, we have an Attorney General that could have lied to the American public, which he is now named a special prosecutor. They have said two different things. And you have Gary Shapely one of the IRS whistle blowers that have come forward that show that there’s two forms of justice when it comes to America. It looks like a culture of corruption that’s been happening within the entire Biden family. You’ve got to be able to answer that to the American public. The American public deserves that answer. Who’s lying, what information went on, who paid and what foreign governments. What has been found is that the FBI actually had an informant, which got to a form 1023 claiming that they had bribed then Vice President and saying that we would never find the money because the money went through shell companies. And now we are learning that Joe Biden uses pseudonyms, so far three have been discovered. For what purpose would you use a fake name except to hide crimes.


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