Special Report: American Airlines Cancels 1000s Of Flights As Vaccine Mandate Fight Continues

(Patriot Insider) – Americans everywhere are fighting the tyrannical COVID-19 vaccine mandates and one of the most notable fights is going on at US airlines. First it was Southwest, who canceled upwards of 2,000 flights in one weekend, and now it’s American Airlines.

Over Halloween weekend, American Airlines canceled over 1,500 flights, citing “high winds” as the reason. Though, they were a bit more honest about the entire situation than Southwest and reported that staffing shortages were also a factor in the flight cancellations.

They must have watched how well it worked out for Southwest to try and fool the American people and decided on a different, more upfront approach so as not to get dragged on social media.

The weekend troubles started on Friday with the airline canceling 740 flights on Friday, followed by 543 on Saturday and a strong finish with 634 canceled flights on Sunday.

“With additional weather throughout the system, our staffing begins to run tight as crew members end up out of their regular flight sequences,” the airline told CNN, in reference to about 2,000 flight attendants set to return from leave on Monday.

In reality, we all know the airline is experiencing staffing issues because of resistance to the COVID-19 vaccine mandates that were issued on Oct. 2.

It’s clear that American Airlines employees are not happy with the mandates and plan to fight against them as evidenced by an employee-backed protest, led by the US Freedom Flyers, that is scheduled to take place on November 11, outside of the airline’s Dallas, Texas, headquarters.

It just so happens to be Veterans Day and we’re not sure if that was intentional or not but it is certainly fitting considering these airline workers aren’t just fighting for their own freedom but for freedom from tyrannical mandates for the rest of us.

This is a war in its own sense and those committed to fighting it are modern day heroes despite not being a member of the military.

“We call the shots, not them. Veterans, motorcycle clubs, first responders, EVERYONE welcome! We believe in medical freedom. Coercion ≠ Consent,” the US Freedom Flyers stated.

This weekend of cancellations for American Airlines comes just days after hundreds of Southwest Airlines employees held a protest at the company’s headquarters in Dallas against the vaccine mandates.

Southwest attempted to blame their nearly 2,000 flight cancellations on bad weather and flight control issues but anyone with a smartphone and access to the forecast knew that was a big lie.

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker said last week that most employees have received the jabs with a small minority refusing but that they will “almost certainly” submit a religious or medical exemption by the Nov. 24 deadline. He also added, “and those who aren’t we’ll continue to work with.”

Airline workers are holding the line and that benefits all of us. When the vaccine mandates come knocking on your door, what will you do? This is about so much more than a shot. This is about freedom.


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