SPECIAL REPORT: Who’s To Blame For Not Telling You About Election Fraud?

(Patriot Insider) – We all know the 2020 election was rigged and stolen and that Joe Biden did not legitimately win 81 million votes. It’s an utter fantasy.

We expect the leftist establishment media to suppress information related to actual proof and evidence of election tampering and fraud but as we’ve all come to realize, it isn’t just the left who’s refusing to talk about the truth regarding the 2020 election.

Elections have consequences but as it turns out stolen elections have really awful, serious consequences like historic inflation, sky-rocketing gas prices, droves of illegal aliens flooding our wide-open border, and so much more.

As it turns out, however, just about every media outlet in the US is refusing to discuss the latest bombshell evidence concerning the stolen election, including Fox News and Newsmax.

The new documentary movie titled, “2000 Mules,” done by True the Vote and Dinesh D’Souza blows the lid off how the left was able to successfully steal the election in key swing states.

Not only are leftist media organizations like The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, and CBS refusing to even so much as mention the movie and therefore suppressing any threat to the next election, conservative outlets aren’t telling Americans the truth either.

Of course, Big Tech is also in on suppressing the movie and the information it reveals but why on earth are networks like Fox and Newsmax holding back from reporting on it?

The only outlets reporting on “2000 Mules” and the orchestrated ballot harvesting scheme to steal the 2020 election are those in the independent media like WND, Steve Bannon’s “War Room,” and Real America Network, among others.

The point is, you have to actually search out information about the movie and the plot and even then, depending on what internet search engine you’re using, you might still only get propaganda about the movie rather than the movie itself or truthful reporting on the evidence it exposes.

This movie is a major breakthrough in the pursuit to prove the election was, in fact, stolen by the left. The stolen 2020 election is the biggest scandal in all of America’s history. One of the biggest scandals in the whole world and yet no one is talking about it in the mainstream media at all.

To be fair, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson did conduct an interview with True the Vote’s leader Catherine Engelbrecht but the film was not named.

Every day we continue to see more and more horrible consequences from the 2020 stolen election. It was a true turning point in the trajectory of America both domestically and internationally.

Since the Biden regime took over, we have been slowly losing our freedoms and the political divisiveness has only gotten worse and worse. Our way of life is being threatened and the economic troubles are crushing hard-working Americans.

As someone who sees the truth, you must take the time to watch “2000 Mules” and share it with anyone and everyone who will listen. The information contained in this movie is far too important not to share far and wide.

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  1. The United States version of Pravda at work. The One World Order is exerting its muscle and “we the people” are the only thing standing in their way.

  2. More is coming, I don’t understand why the media won’t touch it. There should be criminal charges and people put in jail. Tons of illegal money was passed around and may still be greasing palms, thus one reason why people aren’t working. This is going to destroy our republic if it is not owned up to and investigated by the FBI. Too many high up people are most likely involved. It is so serious we should all be speaking up.

    • I hope you’re not holding your breath waiting for the FBI to “do something” about this brazenly stolen election. The FBI has been “fundamentally transformed” into the Gestapo of the Demmunist Party. They can no longer be trusted to enforce the law or even be loyal to this country and its Constitution. They are systematically PURGING anybody not on board with the Communist/Globalist agenda of the conning, American-hating Demmunists.

  3. Now, the new strategy is to get everyone watching the technology, while they continue to contaminate the Republican party with RINO’S, so that the argument against fraud can now more easily be discredited. As what, “conspiracy theory” I just watch that take place in the “Ohio’ primary, it was pathetic which yes dam straight I voted. And my theory was correct, now I see it happen in places like Michigan, Nevada, Texas, and more. This is not about “free election” it’s about imposing one’s will on another. Totalitarianism. There will be PAIN!

  4. We were warned about election fraud before the election. We were aware of the fraud, but the DOJ, SCOTUS and FBI refused to hear cases or take action. Mail in ballots were abused, vote counting carried on for days after the voting time was over, chain of custody with ballots were not maintained, voting was haulted in swing states around the same late night early morning hours and Trumps huge lead disappeared. Who in their right mind would vote for a dimeatia old man that hid in his basement most of the time. When he came out he had more CNN MSNBC reporters than voters. Now after near 2 years of his time in office our country is in the highest inflation in 40 uears, going into a resession, while we allow our country to be invaided by illegal aliens, we have sent and continue to send billions of dollars to Ukraine, experience supply chain problems, gas prices soar causing more increase in goods and services increases, grocery costs soar, any increases in earnings are eaten up by high prices and we are begging our enemies to move more oil whe just two years ago we were the greatest exporter of oil and lpg gas in the world. Crime is soaring and prosecutions are being refused by Soros backed DA’s. What more can go wrong? Well schools continue to try and push CRT, white supremacy, children are being coached to chose their non binary sex and drag queens read stories in kindergarten. Our country is in serious trouble. Its time to rid ourselves of radical leftist. Remember all these problems come election day.

  5. The Left don’t care they got what they wanted. In fact they were a raging success in stealing the election.
    Those on conservative networks do not want to stir things up. The repercussions are damaging. They could set targets on their backs.
    The most defeating aspect of the whole fracas is that honesty, truth and fairness was sacrificed.


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