Speech Therapist: 364% Surge In Baby And Toddler Referrals Thanks To Mask Mandates

(Patriot Insider) – The solutions to the so-called COVID-19 pandemic have been far worse and have caused far more damage than the virus itself.

One of the many, many negative consequences of all the mitigation efforts has been a shocking rise in the number of babies and toddlers being referred for speech therapy.

According to one speech therapist, the increase has been as high as 364%. Jaclyn Theek explained to WPBF News that prior to the pandemic only around 5% of patients were babies and toddlers but now the number has skyrocketed to 20%.

This should be incredibly alarming but the only thing our overlords care about is COVID.

The increase in children experiencing speech delays or impediments can be directly linked to face mask mandates. Parents are now aptly describing their children’s speech issues as “COVID delayed” since face coverings have caused serious impairments.

Babies as young as 8 months old start learning to speak by not only hearing their parents and caregivers speak but by watching their mouths. If babies cannot see faces or read lips, it’s only natural that their development is going to be drastically hindered.

How many babies are sent into daycares every day where they can’t even see the faces of those caring for them? How heartbreaking.

“It’s very important kids do see your face to learn, so they’re watching your mouth,” said Theek.

The news report featured one mother of five children, Briana Gay, who says her youngest is experiencing COVID-related speech delays.

“It definitely makes a difference when the world you’re growing up in you can’t interact with people and their face, that’s super important to babies,” said Gay.

Theek also claims that since the pandemic, autism symptoms are also skyrocketing, saying, “They’re not making any word attempts and not communicating at all with their family.”

Forcing young children to wear face masks is not only causing measurable speech delays and impediments, it’s taking a massive psychological toll on them as well. Forbes has previously deleted an article written by an education expert who asserted this fact.

What’s more, researchers at Brown University have found that mean IQ scores of young children born during the pandemic have dropped by as much as 22 points while verbal, motor and cognitive performance have also all suffered greatly as a result of lockdowns.

Michael Curzon pointed out the two primary causes for this are the forcing of face masks on children (who are not at risk of COVID complications or death) and children being isolated and atomized as a result of being kept away from other children.

“Children born over the past year of lockdowns – at a time when the Government has prevented babies from seeing elderly relatives and other extended family members, from socializing at parks or with the children of their parent’s friends, and from studying the expressions on the faces behind the masks of locals in indoor public spaces – have significantly reduced verbal, motor and overall cognitive performance compared to children born before, according to a new U.S. study. Tests on early learning, verbal development and non-verbal development all produced results that were far behind those from the years preceding the lockdowns,” he wrote.

It’s truly shocking and appalling that in light of this kind of measurable, concrete evidence, school’s all across the US are still forcing their young students to wear face masks for 6 to 8 hours a day.

It’s clear these masks do nothing to prevent the spread of COVID yet the charade continues on.

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