Stacey Abrams Now Owns TWO Homes In Georgia Worth $1.4 Million Despite Recent Massive Debt And Failed 2018 Gubernatorial Run

(Patriot Insider) – Even though Stacey Abrams has been a failed political candidate, she’s found success as a Democratic operative.

While she pushes the victimhood mentality of the left and claims to be disadvantaged because of her race and gender, Abrams is now the owner of two homes in Georgia worth over $1.4 million.

This development comes after she was in debt to the IRS just a few years ago. In 2018, Abrams owed the IRS $54,000 and had more than $400,000 in consumer debt/total liabilities owed.

While she was attempting to run for governor of Georgia, Abrams defended her massive amount of debt and essentially blamed it on racism despite the fact that she made $95,000 a year at her first law firm job as a graduate from Yale Law School with a Juris Doctorate.

“Race and gender play a major role in determining just how big of a financial disadvantage we’re likely to face,” Abrams wrote in Fortune.

Now it seems her slate with the IRS has been cleared and she’s the owner of not one but two homes in Georgia.

According to Fox News, Abrams property purchases in DeKalb County, Georgia have been “scrubbed from the county tax assessor’s website.”

Fox further reported that “Most county tax assessors in the state of Georgia, such as in Abrams’ DeKalb County, have a searchable database for property information, but individuals can request to have their information taken offline.”

Apparently, Abrams isn’t interested in transparency.

The former state lawmaker’s first home in DeKalb County was purchased in 2004 for $246,300. She bought her second home in 2019 for $370,000 which is now valued at $409,400.

Then in October 2020, just days before the rigged presidential election, Abrams sold the home she bought in 2004 for $400,000 and purchased another second home for $975,000.

It would certainly appear that Abrams has made quite a small fortune off her involvement in the fraudulent election.

Former Democrat turned Republican, Vernon Jones, who is now running for Governor of Georgia, called out Abrams and her involvement in the rigged election during an interview on the WarRoom Pandemic with host Steve Bannon a couple weeks ago.

Jones said that there’s a “cover-up going” and further explained that Abrams’ firm “Happy Faces” was “literally providing the employees, the temporary employees to count ballots!”

“Stacey Abrams is profiting from local elections across this country! This is… you cannot make this up, Steve! This is real. There’s a cover-up by the AJC [the Atlanta Journal-Constitution]. They’re covering up Stacey Abrams. They’re covering up Raffensperger. They’re covering up Brian Kemp … President Trump was right, this thing is riddled with election fraud and it’s been suppressed, vote suppression and election integrity suppression has been carried out with accomplices like the AJC and the liberal media…”

Indeed, it would appear Jones was right. Abrams clearly has made a significant amount of money since 2018 and it’s obvious that money is related to the stolen presidential election of 2020.

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  1. It should be obvious to everybody where this PIG got all that money–payment for services rendered by helping to rig the election in George so that Biden “won.”

  2. The more you watch politics the more you understand that for some folks crime does pay. Abrams is the current poster child for this money making political scheme. Rotten to the core.????

  3. Abrams the Crooked Politician’s new house will need renovations to widen the doors considerably to accommodate her extremely wide and FAT body.


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