Texas Police Issue Emergency Health Warning: Joe Biden Dumping Illegals With COVID On The Streets

(Patriot Insider) – The Biden administration’s extremely poor immigration policies have once again led to disaster. A massive release of illegal aliens continues to happen over and over at the border between Texas and Mexico, all of which has been done under the cover of a Biden gag order.

According to Gateway Pundit, a whopping 2 million illegals are now expected to come across the border just this year. Let that sink in for a minute. That’s a lot of future Democratic Party voters, right?

“Univision has Spanish-speaking correspondents on the US Border. They can report on what they see happening. The US mainstream fake news media refuses to report on this dangerous invasion,” the report said.

Roger Ogden over at Patriot Fire went on to say, “A record number of illegal border crossers are being released now on the border. Title 42, the Public Health and Welfare law, was being used by Trump to deny entry to all illegal border crosses during the pandemic. These restrictions have been gutted. At first, Biden issued orders that made relatively narrow exceptions for unaccompanied minors and pregnant women. Now, Biden has turned the public health law on it’s head by allowing entire families to be released. Also, it appears that they are being released immediately without the minimal waiting period of 20 days for families that was the rule before Covid-19. If so, there is not enough time for even a minimal verification of their stories. Some of these are probably not be real families, but persons joined together, not for holy matrimony, but for the purpose of gaining easy illegal entry into the US.”

The reason this is being done under a gag order is to prevent people in the United States from knowing about the corrupt practices of the Biden administration.

What’s really awful is that many of these individuals are being released into the country with COVID-19. And the spikes in cases are being blamed on Americans who have not been vaccinated, despite the fact the left is supplying the ever growing list of individuals without a COVID test by allowing these folks to just walk around free.

“The illegal immigration issue was front and center on Tuesday’s edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight, where the show host broke down the incredible lawlessness taking place on the border that’s “punishing” and endangering Americans,” according to Infowars.

“Tonight we learned that the Joe Biden administration is releasing thousands of foreign nationals living here illegally into American neighborhoods without bothering to test them for the coronavirus,” Carlson said during his program, just before he tossed up a clip of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki seemingly unaware of the problem.

“What could be done to provide COVID testing to migrants at the border?” a reporter goes on to tell Psaki in the clip. “Because right now, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection is saying they’re having to catch and release some migrants without giving them any kind of COVID test before they’re entering the community. So what is being done? What could be done?”

“Are you suggesting they’re letting people in across the border without testing them? Or, tell me a little bit more about—” Psaki replies.

“They’re being released,” the reporter adds. “They’re having to [release them] because of the executive order that the president signed earlier this week.”

“Which executive [order]? Which one?” Psaki fires back.

The left doesn’t care about the American people. To them, we’re just potential resources for their not-so-glorious socialist makeover they want to give this country. If we want the American experiment to continue, we have to take steps to ensure our values live on for future generations. That means boldly standing against lies and exposing the truth of the opposition.

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