Top Attorney Alan Dershowitz Defends Mike Lindell In Dominion’s Billion Dollar Lawsuit, Says “I Don’t Think They’re Going To Get Any Pillows Out Of This”

(Patriot Insider) – Big shot Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz recently made an appearance on Newsmax TV on Tuesday evening where he smashed on Dominion Voting Systems over their filing a billion dollar lawsuit against MyPillow founder and outspoken conservative Mike Lindell.

Dershowitz originally came on Greg Kelly’s program to chit-chat about the recent moves that Democrats have been making to try banning conservative TV channels and news organizations like Newsmax, OAN, and FOX News.

According to the folks at Gateway Pundit, Dershowitz then took an opportunity to speak on the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit against Lindell. And he totally demolished them in epic fashion.

“Whether Lindell was right or wrong he had the right to express his views and this is part of the public debate. And I don’t think unless they can demonstrate that with malice he deliberately, willfully, knowingly defamed them. I don’t think they’re going to get any pillows out of this,” Dershowitz said.

Dershowitz is spot on about the Dominion lawsuit. Unless they have absolute proof that this was done with malicious intent, which is rather difficult to prove, then this lawsuit is probably just a big waste of time, money, and energy.

The bottom line is that there’s a lot of evidence that supports Lindell’s thinking concerning the Dominion Voting Systems machines that were used in the 2020 presidential elections. We know for a fact that these machines flipped votes from Trump over to Biden. Lots of them. Was this an accidental error? Or was it done to rig an election?

You see, we can’t get to the answer to that question without solid reviews of evidence and an investigation into what happened during the incidents when the votes were flipped. But the left is desperate to stop that from happening.

And not only do they not want these investigations, they don’t want news organizations talking about the possibility this election was stolen. Thus, they are trying to shut down the opposition.

We live in scary times, folks. It’s time we acknowledge that and accept the possibility that we might have to start preparing to legally do battle against the forces of darkness that are trying to strip us of our liberty. Thankfully, our Founders created a system where we can peacefully express ourselves and our ideas.

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  1. Dershowitz has been a Trump butt kisser because of both of their crimes with Epstein’s girls, and now he was asked to defend the fool with feathers for a brain.

    • what an asshole. Dershowitz is one of he finest attorneys this country has ever produced. He was a liberal ‘darling’ until he decided to speak truthfully about President Trump and the left’s blatant illegal attempts at a coup. You are a disgusting piece of shit.

      • The bullshit from your ranch raunchy is as smelly as your disgusting evil personality and delusions. Trump is a life long monster mobster, a serial sexual assaulter, a 30000+ lies liar as a fake President who stole the Presidency with Putin’s help, and is a multiple times traitor and you are one as well bobbyboy,

    • May I be the first to say, You wouldn’t know Justice if you actually thought for yourself. Haters are haters of everything they don’t know about or agree with. I think your in way over your head implying that someone else is a greater butt kisser than you. Pull it out, and quit digesting all of the liberal bull…. They have focused on Trump and anyone who does not agree with them only to prove how narrow minded they can be.


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