Truckers Protesting COVID Mandates Set To Hit U.S. Roads

(Patriot Insider) – Canadian truckers have been making quite the statement. With convoys posted at US-Canadian entry points, the Freedom Convoy has been sending the message to the Canadian government that it’s still their government and they want to see an end to all the mandates and illegal COVID tyranny.

Naturally, the tyrannical Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is only ramping up the tyranny rather than hearing the justified complaints of his constituents.

It’s time for the COVID charade to end and now American truckers have been inspired to take a stand here in the US for our rights and freedoms.

The Biden regime has been waiting on the people to revolt since stealing the election. That’s why they’ve worked so hard to demonize conservatives and Trump supporters after the Jan. 6 ordeal. They’ve been setting the stage for what is inevitably to come.

Biden’s Department of Homeland Security already issued warnings of possible traffic disruption during last weekend’s Super Bowl in California. They know we, the people, have had enough.

A report in Newsweek now confirms the plan for American truckers to start their own convoy which they’re calling the “MAGA Convoy,” a nod to President Trump.

According to the report, an email from organizers reveals the convoy will start Feb 25, in Los Angeles and head east to Washington D.C., making “many” stops along the way.

“Okay it’s our turn! The Canadians did a great job, but we’re going to boost the Freedom Convoy and include a MAGA Convoy too!,” the email stated.

If you’re looking for a way to get involved, donations are being taken online to help pay the drivers and support the staff and pay for fuel.

Meanwhile, in Canada, the truckers aren’t backing down. After being set off by the demand for truckers who cross the US-Canadian border to be vaccinated, the convoy started in western Canada and arrived in Ottawa, the capital, two weeks ago.

The movement has already seeped into the US with a short-term protest recently taking place among truckers in Alaska and there was also a “big show of support” for members of the US Freedom Convoy who made a stop in Erie, Pennsylvania over the weekend.

The support was being given for the Canadian truckers and those who were participating made a stop at a Pilot Travel Center on Perry Highway.

“Everybody is encouraged and we feel hope for once. We feel in two years that maybe this will end things, maybe this will be a new beginning. Maybe we cannot be divided any longer,” said Jennifer Weiczorek.

That particular convoy started in Tennessee and made several stops on the way up to Buffalo, NY, another port of entry into Canada.

Yahoo has reported that there have been several attempts to create convoys and that there are currently “at least” three national convoys being planned in the US and several smaller, regional events.

If you are tired of the government’s tyrannical behavior under the guise of COVID and our own good, it’s time to step up and get involved. This could be our chance, maybe the only one we will get, to stand up and resist.

The only way change will ever come is if the elites ruling our country realize that we, the people, do have the power to disrupt their lives and make them uncomfortable. Now is the time.

We’ll never save America until we’re all ready to stand united and experience a bit of hardship and discomfort ourselves.

Now is the time. If we want America back, we’re going to have to take it.

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