Trump Hits Biden With Major Accusation

(Patriot Insider) – Former President Donald Trump put Biden in the proverbial crosshairs and blasted away, accusing the administration for allegedly having prior knowledge of the FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida, going on to say that President Joe Biden “knew all about” it.

“Biden knew all about this, just like he knew all about Hunter’s ‘deals,'” Trump went on to say in a post he published on Truth Social.

Trump, in a previous post on his account, went on to lament what happened at his estate on Monday.

“We are no better than a third world country, a banana republic,” Trump stated.

According to a report from Fox News, the former president then made the suggestion that the FBI raid was simply a continuation of the Russian collusion nonsense the left had leveled against him during his presidency.

“To make matters worse it is all, in my opinion, a coordinated attack with Radical Left Democrat state & local D.A.’s & A.G.’s,” Trump went on to say.

“The White House has repeatedly said President Biden did not have any prior knowledge of the FBI raid, and learned of it through public reports ‘just like the American people,'” the Fox News report said.

“No. The president was not briefed, and he was not aware,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre replied after being asked if Biden or any White House officials were aware of the raid or had been briefed about it before it happened. “No, no one at the White House was given a heads-up. No, that did not happen.”

“Agents on Monday searched Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, which is also a private club, as part of a federal investigation into whether the former president took classified records from the White House to his Florida residence, people familiar with the matter said. Trump was in New York City at the time on his way to Bedminster,” the report continued.

“A federal judge had to sign off on the warrant after establishing that FBI agents had shown probable cause before they could descend on Trump’s shuttered-for-the-season home — he was in New York, a thousand or so miles away, at the time of the search,” the report added.

At the end of the day, we all know this was a political attack on Trump. The radical left is terrified that he might actually be serious about running for president again, so they are attempting to prevent him from being able to do so by finding damaging intelligence that could result in his being disqualified from the race.

Another cheap tactic to buy them time to find a way to stay in power permanently.

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  1. Every time they speak, every word they say are lies those Democrats, leftist Progressives, Commies, socialist
    Liars, traitors, thief’s, purveyors of disinformation.
    This November good people of both parties need to send a resounding message:change the very face of our government and vote Trpublican up and down the line

    • Amen to every syllable…and let a clarion call go forth in our country that any vote for a Democrat is a vote for treason, lying, stealing…Send these creeps a message thry will never forget.

    • I’m telling you every one of you need to watch Elvis returns, he tells everything about the Mafia and the Obama’s. Please just watch it. You will see what the Democratics are trying to do to this country please watch. It really opened my eyes!

  2. To claim that President Biden didn’t know beforehand or didn’t actually call for the raid when this has NEVER before happened to a former president in US history is difficult to believe. EXTREMELY difficult.

    What isn’t so hard to believe is that the seditious socialist Democrats in their desperation won’t resort to any tactic to knock Trump out of a possible 2024 run, including an assassination against him or a member of his family. The Deep- State needs to keep the Biden/Obama regime going to institute its plan to radically change the USA into a socialist welfare nanny one-party authoritarian state.

    • I kinda thought when I saw the video of all those Ninja-garbed agents carrying MACHINE GUNS that they must have thought Pres Trump was there, and were planning on, you should pardon the expression, “trumping up” some excuse to MURDER Pres. Trump, thereby eliminating the threat he represents to their hopes of remaining in power. I would not put this past the conniving, America-hating, POWER-MAD Demmunists for a SINGLE second. There is NOTHING they won’t do in their frenzied efforts to stay in power and exert ever more CONTROL over the rest of us. Constitution and Bill of Rights be DAMNED–these America-hating TYRANTS will disregard BOTH if they are able to permanently consolidate their hold on power over the rest of us.

  3. President Biden must be some kind of a nut to think that former President Trump would leave any kind of evidence laying around around for anyone to find!
    It will be a wonderful thing for President Trump to prove that our sitting President finds nothing on our former President!
    I hope that President Trump can prove he is innocent of all these charges that he is being charged with!
    Then maybe the government will strip Biden of his
    Presidency! AMEN

    • Doesn’t matter if he is “found innocent” or NOT. The Leftist propaganda ministry that our media have become, will STILL have him found guilty and CONVICTED of whatever LIES they concoct to justify this OUTRAGEOUS, unamerican and UNCONSTITUTIONAL abuse of power by the conniving Demmunists who have STOLEN control of our government.

    • Amen. But, in America we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty!! (Unless you are DT or a conservative, then you have to PROVE YOUR INNOCENCE!)

  4. Trump ALWAYS points the finger at someone else, rather than taking any responsibility for issues in which he is involved, whether he has any evidence of that person’s knowledge or involvement in the subject issue. This is simply Trump venting his spleen at someone else, regardless of the truth.

    • Trump has been proven right with every accusation he put out there. Hillary’s campaign spied on his campaign, yup they did, the Steele dossier, yup FAKE, Russia collusion investigation, yup NOTHING and if that dog Weissman the lib, Hillary donor at her victory party LMAO couldn’t find anything on Trump there was nothing there, crossfire hurricane with the fbi, yup that happened. Wake up Bill, like I’ve always said if it wasn’t for STUPID PEOPLE THE DEMOCRATS WOULDNT HOLD A GOVERNMENT POSITION and you Bill have proven my point 100 times over.

  5. “A federal judge had to sign off on the warrant after establishing that FBI agents had shown probable cause before they could descend on Trump’s shuttered-for-the-season home.”

    Yeah, a “Federal judge” ALSO had to sign off on the steaming pile of BS LIES about “Russia, Russia Russia!” too–so they could get a FISA warrant to SPY on Candidate and later Pres. Trump. THAT warrant was based on a pack of LIES bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and the conniving Demmunists! I daresay THIS one is NO MORE CREDIBLE than that one. That bit about “nuclear documents” is a DESPERATE LIE because the conniving Demmunists realized from the pushback that they had “really stepped in it,” and needed a BIG LIE to justify their outrageous abuse of power. So, lessee–what to do. “Oh, yeah, I’ve got it–we’ll say he had “nuclear documents!” And that is the LIE they told to try to cover their sorry, power-mad A$$E$ for their CONTINUED, UNJUSTIFIED persecution of Pres. Donald Trump.

  6. So they are very afraid Donald Trump will run for president again 2024. If it so happens that he does not or cannot run I hope they come up again someone harder and tougher with far right ideologies as it can get.
    The democrats deserve it.
    During his Presidency, 45 had so many achievements. Black and brown people benefitted too.
    Democrats are pursuing an ideology that will bury themselves; at the same time digging their own grave along with the destruction they are sowing, I say Alleluia to it.

  7. Maybe what they found was brought in in one or more of their backpacks? Did not allow anyone to see what they were doing? Ushered everyone out and cut off video surveillance …hmmmmmmmm

  8. Everything Obama, Biden and family and the rest of the socialist dems has done since Obama’s term of office has been a violation of the Laws and the Constitution, so what gives anyone a question that what they are doing now is perhaps a legal question? Every act, every action, every forest fire, every case of the virus, every murder in the street, every infiltration of a march or rally, every time a non citizen voter fills out a ballot, every bill that is passed by the dems and signed by the acting President, every executive order that is written by the President that is released without Congressional approval is a violation.
    Let’s go back to the 2009 Presidency, Obama’s order to get a multimillion group of refugees, UNVETTED, and still coming along with the south of the border so called the asylum seekers all paid by soros to come here to act as a militant crime group and an army for the west coast and southern U.S. and the refugees already here for a decade and undergoing training in the forests of the east army of millions of ISIS terrorists to cause terror in the western forests fires and spreading the viruses and variants to kill more, causing mayhem, disaster. Again, everything they have done has been by the book for socialism and globalization with China and Saudi Arabia soon to find out what it is like to go against our God, our citizens, our Constitution Freedoms and liberties our rights and determinations to stay the same and work with the world.

  9. I believe that is a valid statement, that this was a political hit against Trump and the entire anti-communist movement in the US. Biden represents the crowd of Marx, their “struggle” i.e. revolution, and the effort to create a world communist, tyrannical government that has set a goal to be in charge mostly by 2030 when their utopian, green, dream manifests itself. They have attacked every institution in America, the police, the schools, universities, the FBI, CIA, and DOJ, the SCOTUS, the family, now taxes and have militarized the IRS agents. The president is ruling by fiat which the Congress is happy to allow while there is no real majority for them to rely on to pass their socialist agenda. They have created a two tier justice system with the courts and attorney generals on the payroll of foreign billionaires like George Soros and home grown organizations that shovel money into democratic races like Zuckerberg’s Center for Tech and Civic Life, did for critical races in the 2020 election that installed Biden in the White House. The US of A, Trump, and the American people are the only thing that stands between this new world socialist, autocratic, government , taking over the world. Biden and his regime, Klaus Schwab and the WEF know this, so they must silence Trump and all of you who want nothing to do with such a plan. The world’s freedom is at stake here and Biden’s handlers are calling the shots.

  10. Again and again Trump refuses to take any responsibility for any issue that reflects badly for him. He had the documents; the FBI identified that to him directly in early June. Yet he retained those documents, none of which he should have had for ANY reason! He did not turn them in when requested in June. The subpoena was LEGALLY obtained, and LEGALLY served. One of Trump’s attorney accompanied the FBI throughout the search. This was NOT a “raid”, it was LEGAL and appropriate. No one, not even a former president is above the law. Whether President Biden knew of the subpoena or not is entirely beside the point. It has NO BEARING WHATSOEVER on the issue under the subpoena – that Trump ILLEGALLY had highly classified documents and others that belonged to the National Archives, not to Trump. If had been anyone else, that person would have been taken to jail, indicted, and held without bail until his trial for treason.

  11. billy billy billy , you are on the wrong site sonny the communist Propa ganda site is on Pravda,…. the evidence was released on the national news, just not on cLINTON nEWS nUTWORK, as the new guy was going “Duhh” and the old guy was fired

  12. This might not been popular… but( don’t you hate that?) God is stirring the pot, every person will be held accountable on which side you are on. Many of you will dismiss this but you have been warned! Choose wisely as you will be held accountable! Don’t bother replying I only tuned in today. Just think about it!

  13. If by “damaging intelligence that could result in his being disqualified from the race” you mean that 45 committed espionage, stealing high-level national security information and socking it away in his Florida basement, I’m all for having it revealed.

  14. We’re a nation of laws, folks. 45 must obey them just like everyone else. If you don’t like your leaders having limited power, you may want to move to a country run by one of his pals — North Korea or Russia.

  15. I am firmly convinced that the FBI did not want anyone in the building, including and especially Trumps lawyers, because the were planting evidence against Trump; Wait and see what they come up with in their so-called investigation.

  16. The point is: If Brandon didn’t know about it in advance, it just shows how ineffectual the entire administration is, since the people involved know that he can’t be trusted. He has shot his mouth off so many times before, they know what a puppet he is.

  17. PARASITE JOEY ! Knew Everything about the Raid because he THINKS He’s better than Our Own POTUS Donald J.Trump. China Joe thinks he’s better than Brown Bread. But Joe China GUTTER TRASH from the state of Delaware.


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