Trump Makes Shocking Discovery From FBI When Returning Home

(Patriot Insider) – Regardless of your thoughts about any individual who has served in the office of President of the United States, whether Obama, Trump, Biden, or whoever, as much as we might dislike their policies and even some of their personal character traits, if they have occupied this position, they deserve at least a little bit of respect. That should be a given.

However, it doesn’t seem that the FBI agrees with that assessment when it comes to Donald Trump. We know this is true because the bureau has repeatedly attempted to sabotage his administration and is now working hard to ensure he doesn’t run for office in 2024. But that’s not the icing on the cake.

The Western Journal is reporting that the FBI didn’t even have enough basic human decency to remove their shoes before searching Trump’s personal bedroom. I mean, that’s not really asking for much, is it? No. It’s not. In fact, most folks just sort of do this already, even if it isn’t something that a person requires upon entry to their home. It goes to show that the FBI didn’t even bother to consider the rules of the house. And yes, they should have abided by those.

“Trump revealed as much on Sunday after visiting Mar-a-Lago, his Florida country club and part-time home, for the first time since the raid took place,” the report said. “Prior to his visit, Trump posted a fiery message on his Truth Social account.”

“I’ll soon be heading to the scene of the unwarranted, unjust, and illegal Raid and Break-In of my home in Florida, Mar-a-Lago. I’ll be able to see for myself the results of the unnecessary ransacking of rooms and other areas of the house,” Trump went on to say in the post.

After his visit to the property, Trump put the FBI on blast for several different reasons, including the bureau’s lack of decorum when it comes to investigating his bedroom.

“Arrived in Florida last night and had a long and detailed chance to check out the scene of yet another government ‘crime,’ the FBI’s Raid and Break-In of my home, Mar-a-Lago. I guess they don’t think there is a Fourth Amendment anymore, and to them, there isn’t,” Trump stated in his post published on Truth Social.

“In any event, after what they have done, the place will never be the same. It was ‘ransacked,’ and in far different condition than the way I left it. Many Agents — And they didn’t even take off their shoes in my bedroom. Nice!!!” he said.

So the FBI made a former president feel uncomfortable in his privately owned residence. But you know something? Given the bureau’s history with the former president, maybe this shouldn’t be that surprising. Heck, it might have even been done by design. Many federal agents working within the agency have seemed very, very eager to engage in witch hunts concerning Trump and even members of his family.

“For example, they spent months on end investigating the ‘Russian-collusion’ narrative only to discover that Hillary Clinton’s lawyer, working alongside an opposition firm, fed the supposed ‘evidence’ to the FBI, which eventually turned out to be fruitless,” the report from WJ said.

The report also said, “According to a 2020 news release from Iowa Senator Charles Grassley, the FBI dismissed several early warning signs that the “evidence” of Trump-Russia collusion was faulty.”

The question to ask now is if the agency acted as if those warning signs didn’t exist, why in the world should any of us believe that the latest investigation carried out by the bureau concerning the documents taken from Mar-a-Lago is somehow going to be different?

Again, it’s pretty crystal clear that the FBI are not members of the Trump fan club. Nor do they possess even basic respect for Trump as a person. It’s perfectly fine to hold personal opinions about Trump or any president while serving in the FBI. Heck, it’s impossible not to. However, that does not give a person working for a federal law enforcement agency permission to allow that political opinion or bias to impact how they carry out their job.

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  1. (1) The search was legal.
    (2) Over 10000 documents were found that belonged to NARA that Trump had been studiously avoiding returning to NARA despite repeated requests.
    (3) Those documents were found in multiple locations throughout the house, not just in the basement storage room. Several classified documents were found in Trump’s desk drawer.
    (4) The search was conducted in an orderly fashion. No evidence other than Trump’s whiny complaints have been provided by Trump.
    (5) The entire series of Trump’s whinings is 100% typical of Trump. One of his usual tactics is to throw out any and all excuses that he can find to obscure the truth.

    • How do you know any of this? Who are you? You sound like a typical left-wing communist/socialist who opposes our Constitution and is willing to do anything within your (and the “league of conspirators” you stand with) power to destroy. If you don’t like Trump and what he stands for, why don’t you do your work LEGALLY to get someone else elected instead of constantly stomping on his rights as an American Citizen?

      • He is a troll. Smells like a troll, acts like a troll. A troll by any other name will sound thus. Orange man bad, means a troll. That’s all there is to it David. He just regurgitated what the FBI fed to the media in their press release propaganda. Everything he says about the documents was already being handled but that was all Emperor Biden needed as a pretense to persecute him more than his unjustified investigations and two impeachments already have. The only whiners here are those like Bill who keep harping about how Hilary should have won the election and they have never gotten over it. Maybe Bill would like to have the next Republican FBI come to his house, take him to jail in his underwear, or put him in jail like the Jan6 demonstrators, seemingly forever for misdemeanors. Maybe Bill would like to have his Constitutional rights ignored by “his” government that works for him and us. Given this rant, I know I would like to see that and no one is more now than Bill.

    • BS! Youre an ignorant jerk who is brainwashed by the left. what about hitlerys disappeared emails ad smaked cell devicess'< What about obamas storing mil,ions of docs in a warehouse in chicago. ???? who really REALLY DESERVES to be raided?
      yo talk about obscuring the TRUTH???? LOOK the dems in the mirror, the videos, the interviewson tv,etc., these are the traitors and ENEMIES OF OUR NATION! get real dude. open your eyes and stay far away from your socialist communist demonic ideas.

    • You need to quit drinking the cool-aid ……… unless you are a practicing attorney then you are an idiot ……. nuff said.

    • Billy boy ! Have U had Ur head up someone’s Canal. Like Ur Pretending president X-HidinBiden. The more Crap U post without Fact checking is a Real Problem on Ur part.

    • Good grief – how stupid can you be Billy Boy?
      Staged photos, inserted evidence, taking of passports, will and Attorney-Client materials!
      But enjoy you time under China Joey Xiden until he invites the CCP to send troops to help manage the American public that are becoming sick of China Joey’s Communist government!

    • You must be a FBI agent, breaking all security rules to prove your disloyality to your country, that you are sworn to protect. Your disloyality would be a court-martial offence in the military. I could be wrong and you’re a wise-ass making it up as you go along. As an FBI agent, you knew “Russian collusion” was a hoax, Yes? If you were at the search, you know they always leave a mess! Lying is not asset of an govenment agent anvall law enforcement knows how you leave a search scene.

    • Why didn’t the FBI invade and trash Obama’s house since he had a treasure trove of classified documents? Oh, wait. That was Obama not Trump. My mistake. Disregard.

    • You are entitled to your opinion, but the search was not legal, not by a long shot. This is the Biden’s DOJ being politically weaponized against his political opponent, just like the old Communists/Socialists used to do. Those disputed documents were secured at Mar-A-Lago, and the Trump people were in communications with NARA regarding them, not like Obama’s documents stored in an unprotected warehouse, or Hillary’s documents kept on an insecure, personal pc.

      The issuance of a subpoena for any documents in dispute should have been issued, not an overzealous raid by the FBI. This went much too far and severely violated the former President’s rights.

    • Bill, where did you get all of this “classified” information? If this is true and accurate, your source is in violation of the release of classifed material. The word return is not correct, the NARA has to hva them first, to be returned. Were there to witness the locatons citec? 4 & 5 are opinions with no relationship with 1-3, thus this is a case of TDS!

  2. The FBI employees are making fools of themselves as shown here. The general public after the FBI’s increased Gustavo tactics will cause the people to know that if the FBI ever gets involved in their cities that they will treat them as criminals before the truth is known in their investigation of any local investigations.

  3. Bill, someone told a group of my associates that you are a lap dog for the protection of the destruction of Donald Trump’s reputation. Good luck with your support of destroying the man……….

  4. We’re there any independant observers in the house, or are we supposed to believe the government? Sorry, lost faith in them years ago.

  5. Your full of $h;t, Obama has ten times as much, in fact Obama has a warehouse to hold his “illegal documents”. Ooh, I forgot, Obama is a Democratic Socialist with socialist Privilege.
    Just think,
    Jimmy Carter
    Bill Clinton
    George Bush(2) RINOS
    Barack Obama/Joe Biden
    Joe Biden/Obama
    ALL HAVE THE SAME OUTCOME, 1. High Bank Interest 2. Massive skyrocketing Gas Prices, 3. massive numbers out of work. 4. Massive illegal aliens flooding our borders, 5. Massive Inflation rates, currently over 8% per month for over 18 months.
    Do you deny these things?

    • Exactly. Dont waste time on people willfully ignorant of what’s happening within high ranking FBI misconduct. It’s obvious that a politicized police force of any kind is a serious problem for America. Hopefully this unconstitutional raid will open the door for people to do their own research. The FBI has been investigating and detaining US citizens from January 6th for essentially trespassing charges, has been influencing elections, working with big tech to control information, has been investigating parents opposing CRT and raiding homes of Bidens political opponents. America isn’t a banana republic but it will be if we allow it to be run like one.

    • Billy boy bottom jaw dropped when U posted what’s Wrong with the DemoRats. The last 24 Years the DemoRats have tried to Down playing ALL their SCANDALS. The REPUBLICANS in 2022 & 2024 will retake the 3 Houses of Congress and the democrats will be KICKING each others
      Rear Quarters as they return to their Blue Gray States.

  6. There is the FBI and a subset of that organization in Washington and possibly other Democratic strongholds that should be referred to as the Federal Anti-Trump Brandon’s of Investigation

  7. Bill, you have got to be a die in the wool, Democrate. Guilty until proven innocent! Democrate Play Book, accuse, without any proof. Russian collusion all over again. The sky is falling, take cover, the Republicans have take all the skyhooks. There is no cure for poor, demented souls.

    • Totally agree, OldSalt, totally agree. They will never quit bothering this man, never. They want him gone, and I mean really gone. He threatens them because he ran the country great and millions want him back. So so sad. I don’t know why Trump even wants to come back after how he has been treated. I do know he is the most pro-America president of my lifetime and I’m 76.

      • OldSalt553 here, i turn 81 on the 7th of Oct. I totally agree! Retired USN, had I known the Democrats, liberals and socialists would turn this county in to a third world s***hole I would have left and gone to one of those s***holes, because their future looks brighter than ours!

  8. Donald Trump was right. He had already told them in June they could come and check his place out. This was truly an unauthorized misuse of our FBI and was used for political reasons, not because any crime was done. Obama left office with tons of paperwork. Other presidents also took things home. This was truly a political criminal act against a former president and should never have been done. I’m ashamed of our government for using personal hatred for the man against him and his family.

  9. As for Bill, it’s obvious that they decide what he is to believe and Bill just takes it right in. Let’s not even mention any of the other evil things that the FBI has been involved with lately. Anyone that has a safety deposit box should be concerned about how much they get away with. So I totally understand how Donald Trump feels about the intrusion of the FBI at his Florida residence.

  10. How many got a chance to read the description of the inch by inch search of Melanie’s room, drawers and closets, along with every inch of every space in the home for evidence/souvenirs! It was sent to me one evening and removed as unreliable within 10 minutes.


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