TUCKER CARLSON DROPS BOMBSHELL: ‘Obviously’ Biden’s DOJ Will Indict Donald Trump After That Raid

(Patriot Insider) – One of the most popular voices in the conservative movement, Fox News host Tucker Carlson, has issued a warning that the current administration seems to be dead set on pursuing criminal charges against President Donald Trump, however, he did express hope that the U.S. government, currently controlled by the Democratic Party, would “pull back before it’s too late,” all for the sake of the country.

I’m glad Tucker is an optimist, but I don’t know if I can buy into the idea that the Democratic Party of today, which is composed of left-wing extremists, has ever done anything with the best interest of the country at heart. Perhaps I’m being a bit too negative and could use a shot of optimism myself.

According to a report from BizPacReview, Carlson, fresh off a vacation, launched a 25 minute monologue concerning the FBI raid that took place at Trump’s Florida residence.

The Fox News host kicked things off by going on to insist that “no honest person could believe that the raid on Donald Trump’s home last week was a legitimate act of law enforcement.”

Carlson then went on to say that if the federal agents who conducted the raid on Trump’s home were really after classified documents that were related to nuclear weapons that could potentially pose a risk to our national security, “You have to wonder, why did they wait a year and a half to do anything about it? Why did they wait till 90 days before a midterm election, an election that polls suggest they will lose?”

The popular pundit is right on the money about the strange timing of the raid. Why, if they knew that he possessed these documents and they legitimately pose a risk to national security, did they wait until just three months before the midterm elections? The answer to this question is bad either way.

If they did know about it and waited until a moment in time when it was politically expedient for them to launch this raid, then that means they put their own political agenda above the safety of the country. If they didn’t know about it, then they’ve lied or they were completely inept.

None of these options are good. None.

“Later in the soliloquy in the video clip embedded above, Carlson called out RINOs such as Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson for trying to justify an unprecedented action by federal police,” the report said.

“The FBI is just simply carrying out their responsibilities. Of course, they are,” he said in a tone of satire.

“What? Well, ‘you don’t support law enforcement? There’s nothing to see here.’ That’s the line,” Carlson added, “and no doubt Asa Hutchinson, and Mitch McConnell, and Dan Crenshaw and the rest of them will be telling you the very same thing when the Biden Justice Department, or some other state law enforcement agency under their influence, finally does what you know they’re going to do, which is indict Donald Trump. Obviously, they’re going to do that. Who knows how.”

“He went to predict that the scenario will be based on a flimsy pretext, in a way that should be familiar to anyone who followed what happened after Trump won the 2016 presidential election,” BPR reported.

“Maybe they’ll produce surveillance video from Mar-a-Lago. Apparently, they’ve already subpoenaed that and will spend the next year talking about how it shows ‘Trump mishandling classified information.’ Really? On the server. Remember the endless Russia collusion hoax? We’re in for a lot more of that,” he predicted. “They’ll scream about how Trump is a criminal, and if you express any support for him, or any interest in retaining, I don’t know, the rights of free speech and due process, you’re a criminal, too. In fact, you are the threat. You’re the threat, and just mentioning you disagree with what is happening is an attack on our government. That’s their style….” the Fox News host stated during the monologue.

Carlson then went on to imply that the events that transpired at the Mar-a-Lago estate were a hallmark of what he called a repressive third-world banana republic or what happened in East Germany during the Cold War.

“Indicting Donald Trump is a very big step, not simply because a lot of people like him, and he’s the former president, but because indicting him at this point would be to reveal that this entire thing, and by thing we mean our justice system, is just transparently political. It’s just a means to an end, a means to power, and people know that at this point. They’ve watched it,” Carlson explained.

“They understand what’s happening. Even people who don’t like Donald Trump, even people who didn’t vote for Donald Trump and don’t want to vote for him in 2024, they know, and they can’t unknow. And that means that we are at this point on the edge of something unprecedented and something awful,” the Fox News host continued in his monologue.

He then went on to emphasize that Trump actually called for the very heated political temperature in the United States, but then suggested that the Biden administration, full of hatred for him and those who support him and has weaponized federal agencies against him, would not likely move.

“It’s not good, and not just for [Trump], for all of us. This could get very bad, very fast, and the Biden people know that perfectly well. They know what could happen if they continue down this path of using law enforcement to cling to power. But they don’t care because they’re facing a repudiation from voters, and they’re desperate, and they’ll do anything but at what cost? Pray they pull back before it’s too late,” Carlson said.

The conservative personality then took a few shots at Attorney General Merrick Garland for behaving like a bratty child after the raid took place.

“Just the other day, after signing off on the Mar-a-Lago raid, your Attorney General Merrick Garland came on stage to whine about how actually he was the victim here. He’s the victim. Apparently, some people disagreed with the raid, so the FBI, the most heavily armed domestic law enforcement agency in the world, is now under threat from you. Right. You’re the criminal. ‘Our critics are in jail, but I got anonymous threats on Twitter. Poor me.’ Passive aggression is the defining characteristic of the left,” Carlson stated. “If they started putting people in camps, NBC News would cheer them on, and then attack you for complaining about it. ‘How dare you, violating our norms. We’ve always had camps.’”

While delivering his monologue, the popular Fox News host then discussed the various folks within the Trump sphere that have been made targets by Garland’s DOJ and the FBI over the course of the last 18 months, as well as the vastly nonviolent January 6th protesters who face criminal charges or who have already received prison sentences.

“Now, superficially, all of this is about Donald Trump, and on some level, it is. Permanent Washington does not want Trump to run again. Of course, it’s their greatest fear and they’re doing all he can to prevent it,” he proclaimed. “None of this is really about Donald Trump, the man. It’s about power and that means it’s about crushing and humiliating anyone who gets in the way of people who want to retain power and that means anyone.”

“Carlson also castigated the corporate media, including MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, for spewing the talking point that no one, including an ex-president, is above the law,” the BPR report stated.

“We’re informed of this by the same people who paid rioters to burn down our cities, the ones who eliminated bail, the ones who encouraged tens of millions of foreign nationals to ignore our federal immigration statutes and move to our country permanently at public expense as a reward for breaking our laws, but keep in mind, no one is above the law,” Carlson remarked.

Attorneys representing Trump, along with the DOJ are going to court Thursday concerning a dispute about the release of the affidavit that supported the raid which the current administration is trying to keep hidden from public view.

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  1. They have nothing to charge him with just like the last two tries.If things get tough Trump will release the video of what they were doing and that will be the end of it. This stupid blunder by the democraps has
    done more to help Trump rather then hurt him.

  2. If they do arrest Trump it would be the biggest mistake democrats will ever make.
    We are talking about the denial of “the chosen” those who voted for Trump and their choice for leader, Donald J Trump.

    I have to say why aren’t Republicans shedding the RINOS in their midst. Sarah Palin lost Alaska because of a fake Republican and it should never have happened.


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