TV Ratings For Jan. 6 Hearing Are In. Liberals Are FURIOUS

(Patriot Insider) – The ratings have finally come in concerning Thursday evening’s prime-time hearing put on by the House panel that is investigating the riot that occurred at the Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021, and they are not at all what liberals were hoping for. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

It seems audiences didn’t want to see all of the left-wing slant attempting to vilify any person who supported President Donald Trump and dared to suggest that there was some funny business going on with the election results from the 2020 presidential race.

No, they would have preferred some straight news instead.

According to The Western Journal, the folks over at Newsbusters shared a review of the ratings and a pattern became clear.

All three of the major networks that aired the hearing actually ended up with a smaller viewing audience than if they had just provided their usual news content. They were hoping folks would tune into this mess in droves, falsely believing the vast majority of Americans are on their side on this issue. Big mistake.

“For example, ABC’s haul of 4.35 million viewers for the hearing might seem impressive, but it usually draws 7.4 million viewers for “World News Tonight,” based on ratings from the week of June 1,” the report said.

“The same trend was repeated on NBC, where the novelty of a prime-time hearing attracted 3.31 million viewers, about half of the 6.06 million viewers who usually watch the news on NBC. Over at CBS, curiosity managed to attract 3.24 million viewers, but that was below the nightly average of 4.3 million viewers,” the report continued.

“The 18-49 age group in particular was turned off by the substitution of the hearing for the news. Across the networks, an average of 596,000 viewers in that age range watched the hearings. However, 996,000 viewers would be watching the news on an average night,” the Western Journal reported.

Tucker Carlson went on to state that the media allowing itself to be used as a tool to push publicity for the hearing was “a day that will live in shame in the history of the American news business.”

It should be noted that Fox News, the network Carlson works for, did not dedicate its evening programming to covering the hearing.

Carlson referred to the hearing as an “unedited campaign propaganda scripted by the Democratic Party,” in an op-ed published by Fox News.

He then added that the event “was definitely not a hearing. It was a show trial.”

“At a hearing, dissent is permitted. The other side can speak. Evidence is presented. Evidence is not censored or deceptively edited. That’s not allowed,” he stated in the piece.

The Fox News host then stated that leaders in the media are partnering with leaders in the Democratic Party and Joe Biden to try and distract the American people from major issues facing the country like high gas prices and the astronomical inflation rate.

He then accused the media of “complicity in a campaign to fool the public, to make you believe that your personal concerns like the fact you can’t buy food or drive anywhere or the police won’t come because they can’t afford gas, those are not important.”

Carlson said that the media, working with Democrats, are trying to brainwash the American public.

“You have to pretend that January 6, 2021, remains the single worst thing ever to happen to America, even though not one living person really believes that and if you don’t say so, if you don’t confess the one true faith in public, you’ll be hurt,” he went on to write.

The Fox News host then states that because inflation is a serious issue right now that does not have a solution, Democrats are resorting to distraction tactics.

“So record inflation is likely here to stay. If you want to know why they’re talking about January 6 in primetime, that’s why,” he stated in conclusion.

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  1. The DEMOCRATS and RINOs LOSE . . . AGAIN! WHEN will these Liberal EVER learn?!? Just ASKING. One Enlightened Patriot.

    • The donkeys suck! Thats what Americans think!!!! They are destroying our country which is also their country! How can they be against their own interests? or, if they hate America so much will they forfeit living under freedom and move to Venezuela or Cuba or Russia or China? I wish they would.

  2. I watched some of the footage of the Capitol break in. I did not see any buddy break in except the Proud Boys. No one was injured until a Capitol policeman shot and killed Ashli Babbit and the proceeded to remove her body from the crime scene. There was one other person that was killed that day, but she was not removed from the Capitol. I also noticed in other videos that the Capitol police were actually letting people into the Capitol. This is not an investigation to get to the truth. This is nothing but the Democrats and the 2 RINO’s on the committee to keep President Trump from running in 2024. I see that if Biden decides to run in 2024, that he will lose the campaign just like Mondale did when he ran against Ronald Reagan. Mondale won 1 state, Minnesota. I don’t think that Biden would even win Delaware. My prediction would be that President Trump, if he ran in 2024 would possibly win all 50 states.

    • Actually the Proud Boys didn’t break in. They helped Capitol police in one instance that were trapped in the capitol building…

  3. This show will not detract the Àmerican people we all know that the Country is corrupted by this administration.

  4. Hillarious that folks would rather watch ,…………… COMMERCIALS and NEWS than ,………… Nasty nancy peeelooooser, than her bogus hearings and Propaganda on the Pravda networks of ABC,CBS,NBC,……………. And if I EVER vote for a Demonrat again,……….. somebody just shoot me

  5. The clown show is not what Real Americans want to see or hear. Open the pipelines, close the dam border! Stop the poison Mandates! Give us Back Our Country from these lunatics!! MAKE AMERICA SANE AGAIN 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  6. So glad ratings sucked. How can any sane person watch this handpicked, by pelosi, panel questioning only the people that fit their narrative with no cross examination. That’s a free ticket to lie through their teeth because there is no one that will call you out on their lies. It’s crazy, the American people know it’s a joke and with the death spiral Biden and all the democrats have this country going in NO ONE CARES

  7. I refuse to acknowledge this kangaroo court by watching. The whole committee is illegitimate and serves no useful purpose. The fault lies with Pelosi, Bowser, Capital Police and FBI.

    • WELL How about the Whole Democratic Socialist/Communist Party held
      Responsible But Piglosi, Bower, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler and last but not lest Water’s.

  8. Maybe the democRATs should be more concerned about the economy & inflation instead of the dog & pony sham Jan 6th committee !!!

  9. Destroying the country is what they are about. That’s the whole idea.
    How else can they ‘Build Back Better’
    What they do not think of is can they ever recover to something better!

  10. I wonder how the 2 republicans on the committee will make out with their elections? They could always find a job with the democrats

  11. There are 2,300 capitol police with a budget of 480 million. I saw maby 6 working on Jan 6 with much notice of a protest. Trump offered national guard help but it was rejected. Seems like someone wanted what happened to happen. The country is not being lead by elected leaders. Let’s elect people who will demand that decisions are made by them and not beurocrats who look at the constitution as a roadblock to their agenda.


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