U.S. Dentist Who Called For Death Of Jews Now Faces Serious Action

(Patriot Insider) – Ever since the horrific attacks carried out by radical Islamic terrorist group Hamas last October, we’ve witnessed an extreme uptick in anti-Semitic sentiment spreading across the globe, especially on social media platforms like X and Facebook. Our latest example of hatred being pushed by the left toward Jews comes via a dentist located in Florida who is now facing calls for his license to be suspended and for an investigation to be made into his practice due to remarks he made during sermons preached at a mosque in the northern part of Miami.

According to a report published by Newsweek, Dr. Fadi Kablawi made his declaration on April 26th during the live broadcast of an Islamic sermon on Facebook, calling for the slaughter of Jews and referring to the current administration in Israel as “worse than the Nazis.” You really can’t get more anti-Semitic and just plain vile than that, right? This person should be held accountable for what they have spouted out in wickedness. If the left wants to engage in that sort of practice and cancel people, why not play by the rules of engagement they themselves have set forth?

“Oh Allah, annihilate the tyrannical Jews,” Kablawi can be heard saying in the sermon, as translated by Shirion Collective, a pro-Israel account on X. “Oh Allah, annihilate them, for they are no match for you. Oh Allah, annihilate the brothers of apes and pigs.”

Kablawi serves as an imam at Masjid where he is known as Sunnah An Nabawiyyah. You see, this is a prime example of what the root problem is when it comes to dealing with the Islamic threat to freedom. Many Americans want to pretend that the reason Muslims hate Americans and Jews is because these two groups of people have ticked off Islamists by treating them poorly and persecuting them, but that’s a flat out lie.

Research the history of Islam and you’ll quickly see this is a religion founded on hatred and bloodshed. It’s at the core of their belief system. You cannot bury your head in the sand and pretend this is not a holy war. It is. Radical Islamists are determined to make it one. It’s all about their faith and there’s simply no way around it. Therefore, physical retaliation against our enemies is not going to stop them. They will replicate and return, like cockroaches. You must destroy the ideology, expose it for what it is. Otherwise, this conflict will never come to an end.

“Florida state Representative Randy Fine, chairman of the Florida House Health and Human Services Committee, submitted a letter to Dr. Jose R. Mellado, chairman of the Florida Board of Dentistry, requesting the suspension of Kablawi’s dental license and an investigation into his practice,” the piece noted.

“North Miami, where dentist Kablawi practices, contains many Jewish residents, none of whom could be considered safe in Imam Kablawi’s dental chair, where he could personally implement what he is asking Allah to do. Practicing medicine in Florida is a privilege—not a right—and as the Chairman of the Florida House Health and Human Services Committee, I call on you to immediately suspend Dr. Kablawi’s license and commence a thorough investigation into his practice. The lives of some of Florida’s Jews could hang in the balance,” Fine penned in the letter, which was obtained by Newsweek.

“In a phone interview with Newsweek, Fine, the lone Jewish Republican in the Florida State House, said he has been contacted by some of Kablawi’s Jewish patients,” the report continued.

“His office is in a very Jewish part of the state,” Fine went on to explain. “I’ve already heard from folks who have said, ‘Wait, this guy’s my dentist,’ and now they’re scared. He shouldn’t be practicing medicine. This is a clear violation of the do-no-harm principle.”

Fine shared an email written by Dr. Mellado in response to the first letter from Fine, which was sent out to the Florida Board of Dentistry staff members.

“I am deeply concerned with this inflammatory rhetoric and the potential danger it poses to Jewish and other ethnic groups,” the email read. “It is our utmost responsibility to protect and ensure the safety of the citizens in Florida. Please, review and act accordingly to protect the patients and the public in Florida.”

Newsweek then reached out to the office of Kablawi, but has yet to hear back from him.

“On March 8, Kablawi said, as translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), ‘Oh Allah, bring annihilation upon the accursed Zionists,'” Newsweek revealed. “Just over one month after the October 7 Hamas attack against Israel, Kablawi stated in a sermon, also translated by MEMRI, ‘Oh Allah, show us the black days that you inflict upon the Jews.'”

Let’s hope this man pays the price for his comments and is forbidden from practicing dentistry in an area populated by the very people he hopes are wiped out of existence.

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  1. Send him to his home country! If he is a naturalized citizen, rescind it. Glad to say that his kind does not belong in the United States. He makes the case very clear that those as he would never be Americans.


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