Veteran Pollster Says Biden’s Approval Numbers Are Horrific, Republicans On Track To Dominate 2022

(Patriot Insider) – Despite what the mainstream media outlets and pollsters try to tell the American people, the truth is, Joe Biden is doing an abysmal job and the American people do not approve.

While establishment networks claim that Biden is polling fairly well, a noted veteran pollster says that Biden’s low poll numbers are a “dark omen” for Biden and the Democratic Party.

Pollster John McLaughlin said in a report by Just the News, “The fact he’s only in the low 50s right now is a really bad sign for Joe Biden.”

He pointed out that Biden’s problem is that he’s governing as an extreme leftist after attempting to disguise himself as a moderate who would bring “unity” to Americans. McLaughlin also noted that Biden is the one causing the division in America right now.

“He’s taken what should have been very popular issues — COVID relief, infrastructure — that Americans overwhelmingly support and turned those into radical left-wing pieces of legislation,” McLaughlin said in the report.

Every piece of legislation drawn up by the Democrats is riddled with the radical left agenda. They couldn’t even get a COVID relief package drawn up without including billions upon billions in spending for radical left causes.

Naturally, this is only going to benefit Republicans come election season when they get the opportunity to call out the Democrats for including all of this anti-American legislation in their bills.

“Republicans can’t wait to get into election season and talk about some of the things that are in those bills… expanding the welfare state, tax increases, basically open borders. That’s not where the American people are right now.”

It should come as no surprise that Biden’s job approval ratings are mostly assessed in polls at being just above 50% while the average approval ratings for the past 14 presidents at this same point in their terms is 66%.

McLaughlin explained that based on his 35 years of experience in the industry, Biden’s numbers are not a good sign for Biden and the Democrats.

“During a recent interview on ‘Just the News AM,’ he said he doesn’t ‘think there’s any question’ that Biden’s mediocre numbers have set Republicans on track to reclaim not just the House of Representatives in 2022, but the Senate as well,” the Just the News report said.

In an attempt to downplay Biden’s abysmal approval ratings, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki tried to say that the numbers are only low because Biden took over “during one of the most divisive moments in modern history.”

So, she’s trying to blame Trump for Biden’s pathetic numbers. Also, as McLaughlin points out, Biden is the one stoking those divisions.

He says in the report that Biden “is literally the Trojan horse for this radical left-wing agenda. And despite what the national media and the Democrats may tell you, that’s just not where the American people are right now.”

The majority of Americans are definitely not behind the radical left and their deranged agenda to completely and fundamentally transform America. This is being seen most decisively among independents.

A recent poll found that 45% of independents say Biden is too liberal which is way up from 21% just a year ago.

McLaughlin noted that with independents leaning towards Republicans, and happening at a much faster rate than it did under Obama, Republicans are poised to take over not only the House of Representatives but the Senate as well.

During the midterms in 2010 under Obama, Republicans took control of the House with a 63-seat pickup, they also picked up seven seats in the Senate and the GOP also gained six state governorships.

If Biden continues being the radical left’s puppet we can expect the 2022 midterm elections to be utterly dominated by Republicans, assuming, of course, America still has fair and free elections.

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