Video: Biden Forgets The Name Of The Pentagon AND His Own Defense Secretary

(Patriot Insider) – President Joe Biden is clearly suffering from severe cognitive decline, something that is becoming increasingly obvious the longer he goes without appearing for a press conference questions and answer session, not to mention the lack of a State of the Union address.

His handlers don’t want him out in public any more than he has to be for people to know he’s still breathing. Every time they do let him off the chain he says something totally incoherent that leaves them with a mess to try and clean up and massive damage control to try and cover up the fact he’s not fit for office.

According to Infowars, President Joe Biden made an appearance on Monday that has once again turned into a disaster for his administration and showcased the fact that he has no clue where he is or what he is doing. During this appearance, President Biden couldn’t remember the name of the Pentagon, nor the name of his own Defense Secretary.

The kicker is that the Defense Secretary had just spoken at the podium before he did.

Biden was giving a speech to mark International Women’s Day, discussing the fact that two women have been nominated for an appointment to a four star command position.

Staring blankly into the distance, Biden mumbled and stumbled through his speech, thanking ‘my, my, er, the guy that runs that outfit over there,” going on to add that he wanted to make sure he thanked ‘the secretary.’

Folks, this is utterly terrifying. Our commander in chief, the leader of the free world, cannot seem to put together a coherent sentence to save his poor little soul. Not even when he’s reading from a teleprompter. This is dangerous. Very, very dangerous.

And all of the evidence clearly points to the fact that the Democratic Party knew this the whole time he was running for office. Democrats knew Biden was unfit. The plan was likely to get him elected by any means necessary — like voter fraud — so that they could eventually get Kamala Harris into the Oval Office as the president, knowing she is far easier to manipulate and control.

Let’s hope I’ve got it all wrong.

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