Washington Post Humiliated After ‘Incredibly Racist’ Attack On Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Exposed

(Patriot Insider) – We all know there are very few honest news organizations in the mainstream media anymore and Rep. Anna Paulina Luna is calling out The Washington Post specifically. The freshman congresswoman slammed the outlet over their “mind-blowing” profile of her and asserted it’s just further proof of the left’s media allies’ attempts to attack powerful conservatives and “control” their “reach.”

As has become commonplace, the Post’s piece on Luna was full of lies and “bizarre” factual errors. The Post did quickly revise and correct the “errors” but the damage had, no doubt, already been done.

“It’s awful how [The Washington Post] treat[s] minorities. And the fact is, is that their undertone of their article was incredibly racist. They tried to undercut my Hispanic heritage. They even spoke to my mother and did report a lot of what she was posting. So, The Washington Post is compost, and they should do better,” Rep. Luna said on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

Among the many mischaracterizations claimed in the profile based on interviews with relatives and former friends, the “craziest” is the false claim that she was not raised a Messianic Jew.

“My story is something that they didn’t want to believe is true. Again, I grew up within the welfare system. I went to over six high schools. My parents were never married. And I also think one of the craziest claims that they’re trying to say is that I wasn’t raised as a messianic Jew,” Luna explained to host Will Cain, who was filling in for Watters.

“I have documentation and photos of my father at synagogue. My mother confirmed this to The Washington Post. But again, they don’t want people like me to have credibility. And so what they try to do is attack the reputation.”

Luna further accused the Washington Post of carrying out a calculated attack on her “credibility.”

“I’m not going to let them get away with this. The American people deserve honest representation. I’m exactly that. And I have receipts to prove it,” she stated, Friday.

The profile pointed out Luna’s decision to change her last name which Will Cain argued was deliberate to suggest the Florida congresswoman is “not authentically Hispanic ” Luna agreed with Cain’s assessment.

“The racist undertone of this article is pretty mind-blowing. My mom actually had responded, told them about how I was raised, the fact that my father was fluent in Spanish. We even provided them with immigration records of my grandparents, and they didn’t want to report on any of that. And so when you see how they treat minority conservatives, you understand that this isn’t about reporting the truth. It’s about really attacking conservatives that can reach a base that they hope to control. It is about power,” Luna remarked.

Luna concluded by telling her supporters that she will not allow the Democratic Party to “silence” her “voice.”

“The fact is, is that especially with Hispanic Americans of Mexican descent, we are largely moving to the Republican Party – and for good reason. The Democrats are destroying this country. And I’m not going to let them silence my voice. If anything, I will talk to any investigative journalist that wants to correct these facts,” Luna noted.

The left’s attempts to discredit and smear conservatives are just getting pathetic. Sadly, Americans on the left believe the misinformation they spew. The only thing conservatives can do is continue calling out the lies and correcting the record.

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