Washington State Department Of Health Allows Vaccination Sites To Deny White People Access To Vaccines To “Address Inequities”

(Patriot Insider) – Apparently the solution to end supposed “systemic” and “institutional” racism in America is to implement policies and rules that are racist against white people. Makes total sense.

Since white people are evil, all we have to do is promote policies that discriminate against white people simply because of the color of their skin. All will soon be well in the world that way.

At least that’s what unhinged, irrational liberals seem to think.

In Washington state, white people are being told to go to the back of line for COVID-19 vaccines so that black people and other people of color can have priority.

The Washington Department of Health spokeswoman Kristen Maki says that people of color are being prioritized to “address inequities.”

“Prioritization is designed to address current inequities and barriers to accessing vaccines, and get the people who are at highest risk vaccinated first while federal vaccine supply remains limited,” Maki said, attempting to make it about vulnerability to the virus rather than skin color.

Despite the Civil Rights Act which prohibits discrimination based on skin color, the African American Reach and Teach Health Ministry (AARTH) is one of the vaccine providers in the state forcing people who sign up for an appointment online to identify their race.

Those who claim to be white will be denied an appointment and put on a standby list.

Nothing racist about that!

“Part of the reason we ask that is because of the funding that we receive,” AARTH consultant Twanda Hill told the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “They want to know. … We have funding because we are able to reach people of color. Federal funding, state funding, county funding. They want to know who are we serving.”

Oh, of course, it’s all about the funding.

KTTH reports that the first list is a waitlist for people of color and white people will only be granted an appointment if the “waitlist is emptied and vaccine availabilities eventually open up,” adding that “only then will a white person on the standby list be contacted.”

Keep in mind, of course, that the vaccines are taxpayer funded and no one is going through the origins of each and every tax dollar to determine whether or not it comes from a white person or a person of color.

Yet, white people are not welcome to get vaccines in Washington state.

Hill argues that the system is not totally exclusionary and is, therefore, not actual discrimination. She claims a small percentage of white people on the standby list do make it through to an appointment. Further, she pointed out that people who lie about their skin color will not be turned away.

Could you just imagine the outrage and riots if any vaccine provider in the US told black people to get to the back of the line until white people were served. Cities would burn.

Yet, in 2021 reverse racism is totally fine and acceptable. Somehow this will make everything fair and “equitable” in America.

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