Watch: Biden Exhibits Symptom Of Dementia

(Patriot Insider) – Joe Biden is at it again. In yet another video clip from remarks he was giving, Biden has proved to the world why he should be sitting in a nursing home, not the White House.

In the latest embarrassing clip, Biden strings together words for 11 seconds but makes absolutely no sense. Naturally, the video has been doing rounds on social media where people have been, once again, pointing out the obvious: Joe Biden has dementia.

In attempting to wrap up his remarks at Ironworkers Local 5 in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, Biden went off on a bizarre tangent.

“I don’t want to get going because I’d keep you here too long because you know all what I’m about to, what I’ve said, and you know what I’ve done, and you know what we’re doing, and I know what you’re doing,” he said.

The clip was the source of much chatter on Twitter:

Here we are, after an entire year of the Biden regime, once again discussing Biden’s obvious mental decline and inability to function cognitively.

After watching him stumble through the election cycle as a candidate, we all knew things were not going to be pretty if he managed to land in the White House and that has certainly been the case.

The frequency of Biden’s gaffe and just as disturbing as the gaffes themselves. It’s like Biden can’t seem to open his mouth without embarrassing himself and making a mockery of the United States.

And the left, who are now turning a blind eye to Biden’s worsening dementia, said Trump was an embarrassment. These people have absolutely no shame.

Since Biden usurped the White House he has been avoiding solo press conferences and when he does manage to conduct one, they’re always scripted. Members of the press get the boot when the regime feels questions are getting too off-script. Biden often has outbursts over questions from reporters he doesn’t like and will rarely answer anything honestly from anyone outside of the mainstream establishment news outlets.

It’s obvious Joe Biden is not competent but not only that, it’s obvious everyone in his regime, including his wife, knows it. That’s why everything he does has to be carefully orchestrated and yet he still manages to make himself look foolish nearly every time.

Don’t expect anything to ever be done about it. Until Biden has fulfilled his purpose according to his handlers’ agenda, he’ll keep speaking and making himself look elderly and unfit.

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