Watch: Dem For Governor HIDES In Bathroom After Journalist Questions Her On Gun Policy And Debating Kari Lake

(Patriot Insider) – RC Maxwell, the Press Secretary for Project Veritas Action, approached Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs while she was out to eat in order to ask her questions concerning her gun policies and debating GOP candidate Kari Lake. It did not take long for things to get real as Hobbs got up from the table with a quickness, knocking over her drink, and running off to hide in the bathroom to avoid the questions.

According to Project Veritas Action, “PVA published a video yesterday that exposed the Hobbs campaign for having contradictory views on guns as well as strategizing excuses to avoid debating Republican candidate Kari Lake. Maxwell approached Hobbs with questions on these issues, which led the candidate to spill her drink and walk away from the reporter. Hobbs soon after settled for a bathroom in a restaurant as she waited for her campaign staff to pick her up.”

The campaign’s head political consultant, Joe Wolf, then escorted Hobbs out to a car that was waiting to pick her up.

“Secretary Hobbs?” Maxwell went on to ask, as he approached Hobbs.

Hobbs responded with a rather surprised, “Oh my God.”

“How’s it going? Didn’t mean to scare you there,” Maxwell replied before he introduced himself. “I want to ask you a brief question about …”

Hobbs interrupted by giving a quick “You have a great day,” then got up, knocked over her drink, and bolted from the outdoor dining area. Maxwell refused to get up and followed after her.

“I just wanted to ask you about some comments you’ve made on undercover footage regarding having a disdain for discussing politics, ma’am,” Maxwell continued. He was making a reference to an undercover video that showed Hobbs telling a story concerning how she refused to talk about her job with an Uber driver because she did not want to discuss politics with “anyone who I don’t know.”

“Hobbs began walking down the street refusing to answer Maxwell’s continued questions. A later clip showed her walking into a restaurant bathroom to escape the confrontation with Maxwell. Someone familiar to Hobbs later came and escorted her past Maxwell and out of the restaurant to a car waiting in the parking lot,” the Daily Wire said.

Hobbs has made it clear that she has no intention of facing off against her Republican opponent, Kari Lake, in a debate. She remarked that doing a debate with Lake would be chaos, before denouncing her as a “conspiracy theorist.” Rather than doing a debate, Hobbs has suggested the two do back-to-back town halls.

Lake has smashed Hobbs over her refusal to do a debate. The Republican even suggested allowing Hobbs to set all the terms for the debate, but Hobbs rejected the offer.

“I made it unbelievably easy for her. She picks the date, the time, and the moderator. She even had the chance to write all of the questions, but she would rather hide from the voters and let Soros and other dark money millions of dollars into attack ads against me,” Lake stated in a campaign video shared online in September.

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