Watch: Military Members Resoundingly Say “F*** No” When Asked About Taking The COVID Vaccine

(Patriot Insider) – It’s truly remarkable the amount of trust millions of Americans have put in the Big Pharma vaccine manufacturers.

Perhaps these people are just unaware of the fact that the federal government essentially granted these companies immunity from liability back in the 80’s.

That means, if vaccines injure, permanently disable or kill someone, there’s not a whole lot victims can do about it.

Now these companies are pushing for mandatory vaccination from COVID-19 and the federal government, Corporate America, and the Big Tech oligarchy are all working together to put pressure on the American people.

We should be skeptical of this yet those of us who are, are being treated like traitors. How dare we refuse to be injected with an experimental drug that may or may not cause serious “side effects” or even kill us.

Members of the US military seem to share in the skepticism. In a Tik Tok video circulating on social media, several military members voiced their stance on the vaccine.

The video features several Marines stationed at an Army base being asked by a fellow Marine if they plan on taking the vaccine. The resounding consensus is “No.”

“Did you get the vaccine?” the man recording the video asks one soldier.

“F*** no, and I’m not, don’t got to get it, m***er f***er,” the marine responds.

Almost every other soldier in the video gives a similar response with the last person saying, “F*** no. What if I die?”

That’s a really great question and one that every American should be considering when deciding whether to take the vaccine or not. Americans have been dying. At least 3,000 deaths linked to the COVID vaccines have been reported.

Why would anyone willingly volunteer to be a guinea pig for Big Pharma?

It turns out, one third of the US military isn’t too keen on that idea, according to Department of Defense officials in February. That’s how many had, at that time, already opted out of receiving the jabs.

Naturally, America’s health czar Dr. Fauci spoke out against military members last month who refuse to get the vaccine, calling them “part of the problem.”

“Because by getting infected, even though you may not know it, you may be inadvertently transmitting the infection to someone else, even though you have no symptoms,” Fauci said during a virtual town hall.

“In reality, like it or not, you’re propagating this outbreak. So instead of being part of the solution, you are innocently and inadvertently being part of the problem by not getting vaccinated.”

Military members are “part of the problem” for making health decisions for themselves? Whatever happened to HIPAA laws?

Apparently, our vaccine status is now public information and military members should be shamed into getting the vaccine despite their own personal concerns and worries.

It sure sounds like Dr. Fauci and Democrats are the problem. While the vaccine is currently being offered to service members on a voluntary basis, legislators are considering taking action to make it mandatory.

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