WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Gets Schooled By Mumford & Sons Guitarist At University Debate

(Patriot Insider) – Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, just got her backside handed to her in England where she was on a crusade against former President Donald Trump, arguing during an Oxford University debate that “populism is a threat to democracy.” Now, her side ended up bringing in more votes within the debate hall, but as video of the event started to be shared online it became clear that while Pelosi may have won the battle, she most definitely did not win the war.

During the summations of the debate, according to The Western Journal’s report, Pelosi was put up against a man known as Winston Marshall, who, believe it or not, is a former banjo player and guitarist that performed with popular folk music group Mumford & Sons. Marshall was a victim of cancel-culture after heaping praise on a book critical of Antifa.

“As the Oxford student newspaper Cherwell reported, Pelosi and Marshall were the last speakers on their sides, with Pelosi arguing that the true danger posed by ‘populism’ is ‘the misrepresentation of people who exploit the populist attitude of ‘I want to have my say’ and then use it to get elected and then hurt those people the most,'” the piece stated.

“It’s unclear how much resonance Pelosi’s words might have had with the Oxford lads and lasses, but American voters familiar with American politics, in particular Nancy Pelosi’s two tenures as speaker of the House, might think that sounded an awful lot like the 21st century Democratic Party. This is a party that has thrived on pretending to give the poor and minorities their ‘say,’ then hurts them more with dreadful Democratic-run schools and dangerous Democratic-run cities than any Republican has, especially Republicans named Donald Trump,” the WJ continued.

However, the response from Marshall will resonate with a lot of folks in the West who have witnessed their governments become more and more disconnected from the will of the people they are supposed to serve and represent. It’s become clear that countries that were at one time pillars of Western civilization have become infected by progressivism and bought into the lie that a group of “elites” can rule and lead the common people to build a utopian society. These are pipe dreams that open up the door for “elites” to become super wealthy and powerful while oppressing regular people for their own gain.

The report said, “From his beginning, where he noted sardonically that words such as ‘woman’ have changed meanings over the years (largely thanks to leftists), to the end, he articulated almost exactly the logic of the conservative cause — a cause the left disparages as ‘populism’ in an effort to destroy it.”

“Mainstream media elites are part of a class who don’t just disdain populism, they disdain the people,” Marshall remarked.

Here’s his response to Pelosi. However, be aware that it does contain language considered offensive by some:

The video has received a whopping 2.6 million views since it was originally posted on May 10th, along with bringing in over 28,000 likes. It really seems the speech from Marshall is resonating with people who have had enough of cancel culture, censorship, and many of the left’s psychotic political policies.

“But it was Marshall’s ending that summed up the case — and summed up the experience of the United States and much of the Western world in the current century, but especially since the coronavirus pandemic brought on new level of state bullying and state or state-supported censorship,” the WJ article read.

“Ladies and gentlemen, populism is not a threat to democracy, but I’ll tell you what is. It is elites ordering social media to censor political opponents,” the former Mumford & Sons musician explained. “It’s police shutting down dissenters, be it anti-monarchists in this country or gender-critical voices here, or last week in Brussels, the National Conservative Movement.”

He then added, “I’ll tell you what is a threat to democracy. It’s Brussels, D.C., Westminster, the mainstream media, Big Tech, Big Pharma, corporate collusion and the Davos cronies. The threat to democracy comes from those who write off ordinary people as ‘deplorable.’ The threat to democracy comes from those who smear working people as ‘racists.’ The threat to democracy comes from those who write off working people as ‘populists.’ And I’ll say one last thing. This populist age can be brought to an end at the snap of a finger. All that needs to be done is for elites to start listening to, respecting, and God forbid, working for ordinary people.”

That entire section of Marshall’s response was a huge dig at Pelosi and the Democrats. So yes, her side “won” the debate by a vote of 177-68, which, I mean come on, most of the folks there were already planning to vote in favor of Pelosi. It’s not like she was persuasive. This was the plan from the get-go.

However, Marshall’s video is actually far more popular than Pelosi’s and as a result, it’s being spread far and wide, reaching a much larger audience than the California Democrat could ever hope to influence.

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