Watch: Steve Bannon Warns Election Fraudsters, “We’re Not Going To Stop” Until The Truth Is Exposed

(Patriot Insider) – Joe Biden’s fraudulent regime and all his minions are desperate to stop Americans from exposing the truth about the stolen 2020 election.

They are making no secret of their desire to stop all efforts to uncover fraud and corruption. Their behavior is really quite telling.

Their motives are so obvious. No one should be surprised by the recent attempt of the Justice Department to target and go after Rudy Giuliani. The former NYC mayor has led the way in uncovering the truth about the 2020 election and Biden and the left want to shut him down, especially now that we’re about to find out what really happened in Arizona.

Steve Bannon made this clear Monday on his podcast War Room. He explained that the Deep State’s timing to go after Giuliani is no coincidence. The DOJ announced an investigation into bogus “FARA violations just as the investigations into the theft of the 2020 election are about to hit pay dirt.”

Bannon called the FARA violation a “joke” and said that the federal government just wants “Rudy off the stage focusing on the election fraud.”

He then went on to discuss Arizona specifically saying that “Rudy started in Arizona” and noted that it’s where “Jan Bryant testified.”

Bryant is the woman who testified that the election was not run by Maricopa county election officials but rather by Dominion.

Bryant testified under oath that county staff, including IT staff, weren’t permitted access to the voting machines and that she even saw Dominion employees with a laptop in the counting room.

Her testimony backs up what audit director Ken Bennett is saying, that Maricopa County election officials do not possess the administrative password for the election system and that only Dominion does.

The election was literally run by Dominion.

Bannon went on to cite David Clements, the man who went through the nearly 2,000 affidavits rounded up by Rudy Giuliani. He said Clements reviewed the affidavits and said, “Hey, I’m a lawyer, at least a third to a half of them are at an evidentiary level you can put them up at any court in the country.”

Of course, as Bannon pointed out, Clements was “mocked and ridiculed” just like anybody who has expressed any valid and rational concern over the 2020 election has been.

Bannon reiterated the fact that the Deep State is simply trying to silence Giuliani but pledged that “we’re not going to allow it to happen,” adding, “we’re not going to have Rudy off the stage. Rudy is a major part of this, Justice Department. Sorry, not sorry.”

He further contended that “Rudy is going to get to the bottom of the illegitimacy of what happened.”

He also expressed what tens of millions of Americans are feeling about the stolen election and the efforts to get to the truth. He said, “We are not going to stop.”

We aren’t just going to let the stolen election fade into oblivion and be forgotten about. Bannon pointed out that there are patriots all around the country who are working “24/7” to get to the truth and expose it.

Bannon said, “It’s all gonna come out,” and this is the hope of tens of millions of Americans who know that the election was rigged and stolen by the corrupt Deep State establishment. Joe Biden is nothing more than a puppet who has been illegitimately installed by the radical left.

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