Watch The ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Commercial That Aired During The Super Bowl LVI

(Patriot Insider) – If you watched the Super Bowl this past weekend you likely noticed that the commercials just weren’t what they used to be. Instead of funny commercials or big, over-the-top ads for new products what we got was an unapologetic parade of celebrity endorsements.

It was truly nauseating. One ad after another dedicated to promoting the wealth and fame of Hollywood’s elites. The message was clear: it’s the elites’ world and we’re all just living in it.

There was, however, at least one commercial that managed to send a message most Americans can get on board with. A political ad for Pennsylvania Republican Dave McCormick, who’s running for a seat in the US Senate, featured the popular “Let’s Go Brandon” chant that has taken the country by storm.

McCormick, a former hedge fund CEO and US Army Gulf War combat veteran, used the 30-second spot to blast Biden and his regime for their failures over the course of 2021 including the out of control border crisis and skyrocketing inflation.

What was most notable in the commercial, however, was the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant in the background along with a crowd clapping in unison.

The chant has become synonymous with “F*** Joe Biden” after an NBC reporter attempted to convince Americans that the crowd at the NASCAR race she was covering was chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” for the winner of the race, Brandon Brown, when they were clearly chanting “F*** Joe Biden.”

Nobody was fooled by the reporter’s attempt and instead the wildly popular “Let’s Go Brandon” chant was born and has become a rallying cry for Americans who are angry and frustrated with the Biden regime.

“This is so much bigger than Brandon,” the ad states.

According to Fox News McCormick supports President Trump’s America First agenda and was even at one time tapped to be a member of Trump’s cabinet. Fox News:

McCormick, the former CEO of one of the world’s largest hedge funds, Bridgewater Associates, has ties to former President Trump. His campaign website touts his support for the former president’s “America First” agenda.

McCormick was considered for a top Trump Cabinet post, and his wife, Dina Powell McCormick, served as deputy national security adviser in the Trump administration.

Trump, though, has not yet endorsed a new candidate in the race.

McCormick has, however, received the endorsement of Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council, after visiting the southern border to witness the unprecedented crisis for himself.

We need more men like Dave McCormick to step up and fight for America. The Biden regime has done catastrophic damage to this country in just the first year. Imagine what another 3 years will bring especially if something isn’t done to stop the bleeding.

Our biggest hope now lies with the midterm elections set to take place later this year but who knows the damage Biden and his fraudulent regime will manage to inflict upon this once great country in the meantime.



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