WATCH: Video Of Biden Pondering On Putin’s ‘Invasion Of Russia’ Goes Viral

(Patriot Insider) – Joe Biden is a clown and an international laughing stock. A true embarrassment to the United States. His presence in the Oval Office has done absolutely nothing to stop other world leaders from making moves they thought twice about under Trump.

Now we find ourselves facing the very real possibility of a World War III complete with nuclear weapons. What else could possibly go wrong under the Biden regime.

Make no mistake about it, though, this is all part of the plan. The Biden regime is only meant to appear foolish and incompetent and even though the actors (Biden and Harris) very much are foolish and incompetent, the ones behind the scenes know exactly what they’re doing.

Biden is once again being dragged through the mud over yet another poorly timed gaffe. What else is new? It’s amazing this man is still in his position given that he proves on a daily basis he is not fit for the job.

The latest gaffe to set social media abuzz took place during an interview with American historian Heather Cox Richardson on February 25, in the China Room of the White House.

During the course of the interview, the situation between Russia and Ukraine was discussed and it was then that Biden reassured America and the world that he cannot, for any reason at all, keep his countries, world leaders, and geopolitical conflicts straight.

“How do we get to the place where, you know, Putin decides he’s gonna just invade Russia”, he said.

This was one of the fortunate times that Biden was able to catch his error and quickly corrected himself, saying he meant to say “Russia is gonna invade Ukraine.”

The American people, however, are tired of watching Biden fumble and bumble through every speech, response, and statement. Every time he opens his mouth he’s either earnestly confused, losing his train of thought or makes foolish misstatements.

Social media users wasted no time expressing their frustrations and annoyance with Biden.

“I mean #JoeBiden please end this charade.. so now Putin is invading his own country?” one user questioned.

“Damnit! Will someone please download the software updates on this bot?!!!” quipped another.

“I just don’t understand as a society how we are ok with electing someone who you wouldn’t leave alone with a kitchen toaster…” a third lamented.

While another user noted that the United States “invaded like multiple Middle Eastern countries without provocation over the years.”

“Dems are so full of it they always act like they are perfect and everyone else is wrong when they do exactly what the Dems do,” they aptly added.

The whole Russia-Ukraine situation appears to be a tough one for Biden to keep straight. At his State of the Union address last week, Biden declared, “Putin may circle Kiev with tanks, but he’ll never gain the hearts and souls of the Iranian people.”

It truly is embarrassing and downright shameful. The worst part is that should Biden be removed from office because of his obvious mental issues, Kamala Harris would ascend. And you thought things couldn’t get worse.

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  1. HOW Can Beijing Joe ponder on Putin’s Invasion. His Brain is DEAD and there is No lights on it that Skull. And what if he did have a Brain Only Half of it Works. But Maybe and I say Maybe if they put the Half a Brain that Beijing Joe has and puts it together with the Half a Brain that Knee Pads has MAYBE they could do something to Work things Out. But thats’ only a .AYBE .

  2. Joey, joe biden was selected by the democrat party for his stupidity, they knew he would fuk things up and our America would never be the same! Like ,inflation, no southern boarder, high gas prices, crime in the streets, CRT in your schools, WELL THANK A democrat.

  3. It’s unfortunate that “NATO” has to be a factor in whom we stand up for. When anyone or country can simply stand aside and watch the horrific crimes being committed against the peaceful peoples of Ukraine and not spontaneously jump in to help them protect themselves, it’s a disgrace. One can safely say Russia is not going to use nukes so close to their own borders. Here is a good chance to rub out the offenders outside of Russian territory. The heart of the world is in favor with moving in and doing what needs to be done. More of the graphic images need to be shown in order to jar bystanders into action. Whether anyone wants Ukraine to become a part of NATO or not should make no difference. – They need help . . . NOW! Are our own lives so much more precious than theirs? They are as good as our brothers and sisters. Are our leaders woosies or champions? EWAKE UP, WORLD!


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