Watch: Video Of Gold Star Dad Should End Joe Biden’s Career

(Patriot Insider) – The one thing the vast majority of common sense Americans wonder about concerning the political career of Joe Biden, is how in the world has it managed to survive this long? Look at the mountain of evidence that suggests our current president has been involved in serious corruption. There are allegations of sexual assault against him for crying out loud, dating back from the 1990s. And yet, he’s been allowed to get away with it all. The fact Biden’s career lasted this long, with him becoming the commander-in-chief, is proof that if you have the right connections, you’re practically untouchable.

However, that may not be the case for long. The American people are waking up, thanks to the poor performance Biden has given since taking over the White House from former President Donald Trump. Skyrocketing inflation, absurd prices for gas and groceries, influence peddling schemes, and of course, the most tragic of all Biden blunders, the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, have led to people feeling like it’s time to take the president’s political career and dump it in the garbage.

And, as C. Douglas Golden of The Western Journal points out, this actually should have happened back on Aug. 26, 2021, the date of the withdrawal, which ultimately led to the deaths of 13 American military members via the hands of a suicide bomber at an airport where folks were trying to escape from the Taliban.

“The Biden administration couldn’t protect them, thanks to their hasty withdrawal. When it tried to ‘protect’ those trying to flee Afghanistan from another airport bombing with what the U.S. military termed a preemptive drone strike on Aug. 29, the “terrorist” target turned out to be an aid worker and nine of his family members who were killed in the process, according to NBC News,” Golden wrote. “Then, when the bodies of the U.S. servicemen and women came home, what did President Biden do? He made the story about the loss of his son to cancer during desultory meetings with the families of the deceased, according to numerous reports.”

Golden notes in the article that the mainstream media has, for the most part, completely forgotten about the tragedy that occurred in Kabul two years ago, but folks like Mark Schmitz and other Gold Star families want to ensure the rest of the country never forgets what happened to their loved ones. In fact, Schmitz and some of the other Gold Star families journeyed to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to accomplish that very mission.

A piece published by NBC News stated that Schmitz and the families provided testimony during a roundtable talk hosted by the House Foreign Affairs Committee, where they took an opportunity to unload on the Biden administration and leadership at the Pentagon.

“We’ve been lied to about what happened that day, as well as what happened to our children. We’ve been lied to about our relationship with the Taliban, which, by the way, have done more to take out the leaders of this attack than our own leadership has,” Greg Page railed, as per the report by NBC. Page’s son, Marine Cpl. Daegan W. Page, was one of the 13 military personnel killed during the Kabul bombing.

“However, the viral emotional moment that best captured the mood of the families of the fallen came from Mark Schmitz, father of Marine Lance Cpl. Jared Schmitz,” Golden penned.

“I identify as a father, a husband, a pissed-off, fed-up American patriot — and now, thanks to this administration, a Gold Star dad, a title no one ever wants to have,” Schmitz remarked in his testimony before the committee.

“From the age of 3, Jared has always dreamed of being a Marine,” the still grieving father commented, recounting that his son immediately signed up for the Corps as soon as he finished high school.

“Little did he know or I know that would end up being the final major decision in his life; 2021 rolls around quickly, he says he’s getting to come home and see us and his brothers and sisters because he’s finally getting to go home on his first deployment to Jordan …” Schmitz continued.

“He felt like was finally getting the chance to make a difference. He felt that by becoming a Marine, he would make that difference a reality,” the father noted.

But then, during the summer of 2021, Jared spoke with his father, informing him he was being sent somewhere that “he couldn’t talk about.”

“I knew it had to be Afghanistan,” Schmitz revealed. “We followed the news back home about what was going on and knew that had to be the place. Ever since Biden decided to ignore all reliable intelligence from his top advisers and close Bagram Air Force Base … which directly and immediately led to the Taliban taking back most of Afghanistan, that our warriors previously had fought so hard to control.”

The only thing at the time that kept the Afghani government from being taken over by insurgents was Bagram. Now closing, there was nothing to stop the Taliban from taking the country over. All of the blood, sweat, and tears from almost two decades of fighting in the region would be for nothing, as the Taliban would once again be in control.

“The original withdrawal, negotiated under former President Donald Trump, was based on ‘a conditions-based, methodical exit plan that would preserve the national interest,’ according to a commentary piece published by the New York Post on Aug. 19, 2021, and written by Kash Patel, former President Donald Trump’s chief of staff at the Department of Defense,” Golden said in the article. “Biden altered the plan to make it an unconditional withdrawal, ignoring conditions on the ground and any semblance of a methodical, orderly exit from Afghanistan.”

Schmitz then recalled that when his son was finally able to get back in contact with him from Afghanistan, he divulged that he had been stationed at Abbey Gate, which is the security checkpoint at the airport where the bombing took place.

“He said he thought he was going to die there those first couple of days due to the absolute chaos,” Schmitz declared in his testimony. “He said, ‘Dad, the look on these people’s faces was that of utter human desperation and there’s no way we can save them all.’”

Tragedy struck and Lance Cpl. Jared Schmitz lost his life at that very gate. His dad asserted that “not a single person has been held accountable” for what happened. We all know that had this withdrawal been done properly, Schmitz would be alive today. Biden is responsible for this young man’s untimely demise.

“Our so-called leader can’t even utter their names in public — not even once,” Schmitz testified. “Mr. Biden has run his entire political campaign for 50 years as a family man … That campaign slogan will never work again. We have been seeing what is going on in your family — and even worse, we’ve seen how you have been treating us, the Gold Star families. There cannot be anything more cowardly and disgusting with how you treated us. You are a disgrace to the nation.”

The grieving dad also recounted how Biden repeatedly looked at his watch to check the time while awaiting the dead soldier’s arrival on the tarmac at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.

“As you can probably tell by now, I am done biting my tongue,” Schmitz made clear, aiming his comments at Biden. “You, sir, stole their lives, their futures, their dreams. You ripped apart 13 families. You cannot even man up and admit that. You, sir, gave us all the title ‘Gold Star family.’ You, sir, discredit honor and integrity.”

“Two years later, there are things I find myself thinking about,” he added. “Where and what was Biden’s logic sneaking out of Bagram in the middle of the night, before even getting a single Afghan partner or American civilian out? This is the purest definition of intentional negligence.”

“At one point, Schmitz referred to the global black market for weapons left behind by the military in Afghanistan as well as the illegal immigration crisis raging on the United States southern border and spreading throughout the country,” the report stated.

With that “and all your failed foreign policy decisions,” he said, still speaking to the president, “You have more American blood on your hands, Mr. Biden, than any president in U.S. history.”

This man, and all the other Gold Star Families who lost a loved one that day, deserve to have closure, some kind of justice carried out on behalf of those who died. And the best way for that to happen is for the man in charge, who made the call for the withdrawal, to take responsibility and resign. That man is President Joe Biden.

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  1. To all the Gold Star families, my sincere condolences to all of you for your loss. All of them will never be forgotten. They gave the ultimate sacrifice to our country. May they all rest in peace . Biden will never admit he did anything wrong, just like the many times before that he was responsible he doesn’t have any regrets of his actions. There has never been a president who didn’t show his emotions when we had our military come home in coffins. It makes me angry every time I hear him speak because that’s all he does is lie. I’m totally disgusted with this bastard, I hope he gets the cruelest punishment when he meets his demise.


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