WELL, WELL, WELL: Obama-Approved Michigan Redistricting Map Now Accused Of Disenfranchising Black Community

(Patriot Insider) – Thanks to the radical left, identity politics has taken over in many parts of the US, especially cities. Droves of Democratic voters are now thoroughly convinced that the only qualification they should be focused on for political candidates is the color of their skin.

Now, current and former lawmakers are in an uproar over Michigan’s redistricting committee’s new map which they claim disenfranchises voters of colors. The irony is that this map had previously been praised by race-baiter Barack Obama.

Looks like not all is well in Michigan for leftists who want to vote purely by color rather than by personality, platform or principles.

Now these current and former lawmakers are joining together to sue Michigan’s redistricting committee over the map.

“If you’re feeling discouraged about our democracy, read this article about how citizens in Michigan took politics out of the redistricting process,” Obama wrote, sharing an article about it. “It’s why the work @EricHolder and the @DemRedistrict are doing to fight gerrymandering is so important.”

According to the disgruntled lawmakers, the map in its current state will weaken the black vote by scattering out voters and preventing the creation of black-majority districts. The lawsuit will be filed with the state Supreme Court because how dare anyone attempt to stop modern-day segregation.

Former State Rep. Sherry Gay-Dagnogo claimed that the map was created “at the expense of black voters’ representation” simply because the Democrats already in charge want a majority.

“Don’t leave us out in the rain because you simply want a majority,” Gay-Dagnogo said. Having black majorities is clearly way more important than politics, after all.

Meanwhile, folks on Twitter expressed their disgust with the continued use of the race card in politics:

Gone are the days of judging others by the content of their character. Martin Luther King Jr. is probably rolling in his grave.

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