What Transparency? Despite Promises, Biden Admin Still Won’t Release White House Virtual Visitor Logs

(Patriot Insider) – President Joe Biden has been in office over a month and basically nothing that has panned out from the transition has been good for the American people—or the appearance of the new POTUS.

He’s upgraded his Delaware basement to the White House residence, yet he still appears to be kept under lock and key, barely speaks to the press, and won’t be releasing all visitor logs as previously promised.

Of course, no one who voted for President Donald Trump is surprised this administration is the ultimate swampy, corrupt, feckless establishment presidency the nation has ever seen—one shudders to think of what else will happen if he remains, unchallenged, in office.

BizPac Review reports that the visitor logs that the White House has vowed will be made public “allegedly does not include virtual visitor logs that record the primary method of interaction between selected parties and the president due to the pandemic.”

This isn’t the only issue with transparency under the Biden administration.

Politico reported: “The schedules for the president and vice president aren’t posted online. The White House comment line is shut down. There are no citizen petitions on the White House’s website.”

Then, there’s the rather conspicuous issue that Biden hasn’t held a personal news conference yet. When he met virtually with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, they forsook the normally typical news conference that would accompany any meeting between heads of state.

“The steps they’ve taken are welcome, but insufficient to the moment and the need,” Alex Howard, the head of the left-wing Digital Democracy Project which is part of the Demand Progress Educational Fund. “They need to keep ‘showing their work’ by opening Cabinet meetings, disclosing information, and using political capital to emphasize that being ‘open by default’ isn’t just an option but an obligation across the government.”

Yup—as it happens, if you run on a platform of honesty, truth, and accountability, your voters might actually expect it of you.

Did anyone ever for a moment think that Joe Biden of all people was about to be able to pull off the appearance of a trustworthy administration?

Politico also noted that Biden is pressured to, among other things, “answering public records requests more quickly; publishing Office of Legal Counsel opinions; revising classification policies; and releasing logs of virtual meetings and physical meetings at other locations where the president and his aides travel.”

You know it’s bad when the left-wing think tank Brookings Institute is ripping you—and that’s exactly what they’re doing to their newly-sainted progressive president.

They’ve released a new 70 page report calling for transparency!

Now, the perpetually opaque White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has been pressed on the issue of transparency a number of times and boy, is she the wrong person to ask.

“President Biden committed during the campaign to restoring ethics and transparency to government, and in his first weeks in office, he’s taken significant steps to deliver on that, including by reinstating the daily press briefing, putting in place sweeping ethics guidelines for the administration, and pledging to regularly release visitor logs again,” spokesperson Mike Gwin has said.

Meanwhile, the GOP is criticizing the administration for rescinding an executive order signed by President Donald Trump requiring federal agencies to post documents explaining policies that were being implemented.

Indeed, BPR notes, a number of agencies under Biden’s watch have started taking such documents down.

Now I ask—why would a federal agency ever have to take down such a document?

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  1. Well, c’mon, you didn’t really expect Beijing Joe BUY-den to show the logs of all the foreign agents visiting to dispense bribe cash for him to act in THEIR best interest instead of ours, or those who got access to Senile Joe and came to visit because of Hunter’s influence peddling business (not to mention whatever wheeling and dealing his brother and OTHER members of his criminal FAMILY are doing to sell the Presidency, now DID you?


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