WOKE: Biden State Dept. Focuses On Gender Equality As 10,000-40,000 Americans Remain Trapped Inside Afghanistan

(Patriot Insider) – After the Taliban took over Afghanistan over last weekend, more than 10,000, possibly up to 40,000 Americans are still stuck in the country. This is an extremely dangerous situation as the Taliban have absolutely no fear of Joe Biden and his regime and are incredibly hostile and violent towards American citizens.

The US Embassy in Afghanistan sent out a second security alert under the direction of the Biden administration to stranded Americans in Kabul:


Joe Biden is telling the stranded Americans they are on their own.

The thousands of Americans left behind in Afghanistan are essentially trapped in their homes as it’s too dangerous to leave. Even if they manage to make it to the airport, flights out are now on a “first come, first serve” basis.

Meanwhile, the Biden State Department is focused on the future of gender equality for Afghans rather than the safety of American citizens now left to escape the Taliban on their own.

No wonder the Taliban has no fear of the Biden administration. When Trump was president he instilled the fear of God into the Taliban. For the last 18 months of his administration, not a single American was killed by the Taliban.

Trump promised that if they even so much as scared an American while he was in office, he would hunt them down where they lived and bring the hammer down on them.

Now, Joe Biden has been in hiding at Camp David on vacation and his State Department has made it clear they’ve already moved on from the abandoned Americans in Afghanistan and are instead concerned about the treatment of women and girls under the terror regime.

It’s also no wonder millions of Afghans are attempting to flee and escape the country. America is too weak to actually do anything to ensure anyone’s safety. There is no more security in the world.

A report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies issued a warning about the massive exodus from Afghanistan saying that this refugee crisis could make the 2015 refugee crisis look like a “geopolitical walk in the park” in comparison.

That’s an incredibly scary thought. CSIS Senior Fellow Erol Yayboke backed up this sentiment, projecting that the current 2.6 million displaced Afghans could double over the next two years alone.

Infowars reports that humanitarian workers are warning that upwards of 3 million Afghan refugees could attempt to make their way to Europe now that the Taliban has taken over the country.

President Trump was literally keeping the world together and after 7 months of Joe Biden, it’s all going to hell in a handbasket.

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