WOW: Hot Mic Catches South Korean President’s Profane Reaction To Biden’s UN Speech

(Patriot Insider) – South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol was not at all happy about Joe Biden’s speech at the United Nations this week, a fact we learned thanks to his being picked up on a hot mic on Wednesday. I don’t think Suk-yeol is alone in being aggravated by what Biden had to say during his little chat either. But at least we now know for sure what at least one leader on the geopolitical stage thinks of our current commander-in-chief. It isn’t good.

The Western Journal reported that Suk-yeol issued a warning that Biden had gotten ahead of himself when he pledged to provide the United Nations’ Global Fund with a staggering $6 billion in funding.

“We’re going to work with our partners in Congress to contribute another $6 billion to the Global Fund,” Biden stated during the U.N. General Assembly speech. Suk-yeol is aware that Congress would need to approve the funds, and he went on to refer to the United State legislature with some colorful words. What he didn’t know, however, is that he was being recorded on a hot mic when he expressed his thoughts to his aides.

“How could Biden not lose damn face if these f****** do not pass it in Congress?” the South Korean president asked.

It didn’t take long for the profanity laced comment to make its way all over South Korea. Critics of Suk-yeol then called the hot mic incident a diplomatic embarrassment for the nation, according to the folks over at CBS.

“The leader of the nation’s opposition Democratic Party accused the nation’s conservative-leaning president of slighting a crucial Pacific ally,” the report said. “Park Hong-keun said that Suk-yeol’s mic mistake was a ‘major diplomatic mishap,’” according to a report from CBS.

“A South Korean government official downplayed remarks that Suk-yeol didn’t intend to express publicly, speaking to the nation’s Yonhap News Agency,” the WJ reported.

“I think it’s highly inappropriate to draw a link between private remarks and diplomatic accomplishments,” the unnamed official stated. This same official then went on to share skepticism about the veracity of the recording.

“He wasn’t speaking publicly on the stage but in passing, and although I don’t know who recorded it and how, I actually think it should be verified,” the official commented.

The U.S. is currently the biggest contributor to the United Nations’ budget, according to data gleaned from the Council on Foreign Relations. America gave $11 billion to the U.N. back in 2020, which ended up being almost a fifth of the organization’s whole budget.

“The Global Fund Biden is pledging to fund is designed to fight international diseases such as AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, according to Yonhap,” the report concluded.

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  1. I agree with the gentleman . I wish Congress would follow his lead and tell JOE….NO NO NO..HELL NO !! HE is spending America into a hole it will take years & years to dig out of, if we ever can. I do not think he has any idea about money or expenses Americans face. He is out of touch with reality !!!

  2. Since day 1 of Brandon’s illegal takeover of the Oval Office, bad news seems to be compounding itself daily, if not mininute-by-minute. Did the US blow up the Nord Stream pipelines? I want to think not–that the US would NEVER do such a deed!!! But studying the history of the Democrat Party, I have to a acknowledge “its possible.” And Biden in the presidency is really about the worst thing that has ever come to pass since the Nation’s founding. Could Russia have done it themselves? Kind of a “burnng your bridges behind you” scenario. It would mean the only way is forward. But that just doesn’t sound realistic. If Putin wanted to court favor with Europe, he would want to foment discord by the citizenry with their governments. Destroying the source of energy, especially with winter coming, is a great way to totally alienate them! I think some bad actor remains to be considered. What equipment would be needed, for starters. I don’t know how deep the pipes are. Could frogmen do the deed? If submarines must be used, then that sort of narrows the focus and takes it out of the “lone terrorist” category. I also haven’t the slightest knowledge of how the pipelines were constructed. What is their diameter? Are they buried in the sea bed or exposed? What about corrosion protection? I guess the main questions are “Who will gain the most?” and “Who stands to lose the most?”


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