Yes, The 2020 Election Was Stolen And The Shocking Evidence Is Already Public – See It Here

(Patriot Insider) – Every day, more and more evidence is coming to light proving the 2020 US presidential election was stolen.

During Tuesday’s broadcast of the War Room, Owen Shroyer pointed out that what Mark Zuckerburg was doing prior to the election was essentially canvassing major Democratic strongholds to get an idea of the margins and advantages held by Joe Biden.

He was doing this for the sole purpose of ensuring the schemes to double and triple count ballots in these areas would push Biden’s advantage far enough for him to actually get the win.

It seems that scheme paid off in several counties around the US and has just recently been exposed in Fulton County, Georgia.

Also on Tuesday’s episode of War Room, Shroyer showed a video that was posted online by Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington that shows undeniable proof of ballots being double-counted in Fulton County.

The left cannot possibly deny what that video proves. Ballots that are clearly identical were being counted as separate ballots therefore being double or triple counted in favor of Joe Biden.

Despite the fact that the radical Democrats in Congress and their media lapdog sycophants have insisted there has been “no evidence” of fraud, it appears that there, in fact, is.

Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik pointed this out in a Twitter post in which he also shared the video of the double-counted ballots.

“Ladies and gentlemen, and to the mainstream media, this is called evidence! Evidence that @BrianKempGA and @GaSecofState ignored as they certified the 2020 election taking the win away from President Donald Trump.”

This is clear and undeniable evidence that there was a concerted effort in Fulton County, Georgia to steal the election from the American people and from President Trump.

Before you think that maybe these were just honest mistakes, Harrington also provided proof that audit tally sheets were fabricated as well.

President Trump issued a statement in regards to the audit revelations out of Fulton County, on Wednesday, saying, “The news out of Georgia is beyond incredible. The hand recount in Fulton County was a total fraud! They stuffed the ballot box–and got caught.”

He further contended that we will lose America if nothing is done about this criminal activity and subversion of our democratic processes. He noted that the Fulton County hand recount was off by 60%.

To wrap up his statement he asked if Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr will finally make a move and wondered how Georgia Governor Brian Kemp allowed this fraud to happen in the first place.

“This is corruption at the highest level,” he asserted. “Our nation is at stake!”

Trump also pointed out that many batches of absentee ballots had been incorrectly tallied as 100-0 in Biden’s favor when in reality the batches initially had more realistic numbers like 78-22, for example, in Biden’s favor.

Will the lying mainstream media finally admit that there was, in fact, fraud in the 2020 election and that the audits are necessary? Don’t hold your breath. It does, however, feel good to finally see the evidence millions of us knew was out there all along.

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  1. how is this even fathomable in this democracy of ours. Just goes to show you democrats aren’t for the American people they are just out for total control at all costs. If the dems are for the American people they would have fair elections with transparancy

  2. But will anything be done about this? Arrests need to be made, people need to be in jail, and our government needs to be cleaned out of these evil heaters! Will we see enough strong patriotic Americans stand up and demand justice or we will continue to be bogged down in this quagmire of communism trying to take us over?

  3. Everything and I do mean everything is crashing. The 50 divided states formerly known as the USA is gone. Was the election stolen? Of course it was stolen. How much evidence is needed? The formation of Antifa and BLM the brainchild of the WHITE man has everyone in full hate mode which is the intent. There is no law. We are now under a full blown dictatorship with two stooges who were chosen to be POTUS and VP. Forget the Constitution and amendments as they are and have been meaningless for way longer than most realize. Remember the big Gun grab during ‘Katrina’ when G.W. Bush was POTUS? Jim Quinn radio personality out of Pittsburgh, Pa stated back in 1995 that George Bush would be the next President and he would open the southern boarders. Quinn lost his show later and was no doubt threatened for his accuracy. The talking heads who are exposing the lies of the Democrats mean nothing. Now the Delta Variant has risen and it’s mask time part two. There is no Variant and there is no Organized government and we have NO FREEDOMS! What we now have has been planned and executed and as we were warned time and time again the ovens are being warmed up to herd us in for ‘cleansing’. If you think the republicans will win the house and senate and all will be well think again because many of the so called conservatives are actually left wing scum who care less about the status quo. There is only one solution and that is for we the people to take back our country. Remember this. Millions gave their life to defend this country against the filth who are now dictating. I served during Vietnam and I knew it was all BS and people were dying for nothing but to serve some SOB elitist. Take your country back!

    • Duke, you are right on my brother!
      First; we need to right the wrong on the 2020 election NOW before biden ruins America further.
      Second; we need to take back our government.
      lastly; we need to make big changes in what our politician and public servants can and can NOT continue doing.

  4. Things are being done…people are stepping down from big corporations, big pharma, Hollywood, politics and it’s global.

    The tides are turning but more people need to wake up and if not soon we will be going through more of the government overreach…


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