WTH? Biden Admin Set To Help Build New Border Facilities… IN Afghanistan

(Patriot Insider) – Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last nine months, you’re well aware of the border crisis that is still going on at the southern border here in the United States. Thousands upon thousands of illegals are crossing the border every single day, many of them sick with COVID and being shipped all over the country.

In fact, according to Gateway Pundit, a record 210,000 illegals from a bunch of different countries ended up crossing the border in July of this year for a 21-year high.

The Center for Immigration Studies released a statement about this saying, “Washington, D.C. (August 3, 2021) – A Center for Immigration Studies’ analysis of the reported July border apprehension numbers show an increase in illegal entries into the United States for the sixth consecutive month of the Biden administration. The number of illegal immigrants encountered by CBP reached 210,000 during the month of July, an average of 6,770 a day, defying the decline typically recorded during the hot summer months.”

“Todd Bensman, the Center’s senior national security fellow, said, “July’s 200,000-plus encounters exceeded the monthly total of 188,829 immigrants encountered in June, a number that until July was the largest in a single month in 21 years. That would bring the number of CBP encounters just thus far this fiscal year, which ends September 30, to an overpowering 1.3 million. U.S.-Mexico border apprehensions last reached the million mark in 2006. What the data does not show are the additional 37,000 illegal immigrants who are estimated to have evaded Border Patrol entirely,” the statement continued.

“The July numbers, once finalized and released in a couple of weeks, will show that the border crisis is escalating further into a crisis that will defy any semblance of control, short of a radical about-face by the Biden administration. Few signs point to any such policy reversal, although the White House has tentatively begun long-haul deportations to Central America aboard ICE planes,” the statement added.

“In January 2020, the crisis started its run-up to July’s record when aspiring immigrants in Central America and beyond witnessed every Democratic candidate (including Biden) promise, during internationally televised primary debates, to welcome in all illegal entrants, halt interior removals, end Trump’s deportation and asylum policies, provide amnesty to everyone illegally present, and even provide free healthcare,” it said.

For whatever insane reason, the Biden administration thinks this constant influx of illegals is actually a good thing, despite the fact it’s destroying the nation and depleting our resources. To them, this is progress. After all, they have to collapse the system before rebuilding it according to Marx’s blueprints.

However, it seems the Biden administration is dedicated to helping Tajikistan by helping them protect its borders from neighboring countries, including Afghanistan.

Reuters is reporting, “The United States will help build new facilities for border guards in Tajikistan along the Central Asian country’s frontier with Afghanistan and Uzbekistan to better respond to security threats, the U.S embassy in Dushanbe said on Wednesday.”

“The new facility, which will be built in Tajikistan’s southwestern tip, will replace an outdated detachment and allow border guards to ‘deploy forces more quickly to border areas in response to threats,’ the embassy went on to say.

So it’s okay to beef up the border security for Tajikistan with new facilities and probably fencing, but it’s racist if we do the same thing? Liberalism is truly a mental disorder. That’s the only thing that can explain the insane way these people think.

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  1. Can there be any doubt that Biden is a socialist fool? Biden just proved he is as much a Muslim sympathizer as is Obama! Biden’s insane decision to leave Afghanistan was sudden and deadly to those left behind! Biden’s actions, relative to Afghanistan, were, and still are, reckless, foolish, and hold promise of future catastrophes for Western countries and Western cultures for decades! Taliban forces took a mere ten (10) days to take control of Afghanistan, leading me to believe President Biden secretly made a treaty with Taliban leaders to give them ownership of Afghanistan in return for allowing the United States to retreat peacefully. Taliban Terrorists broke that peace, and Biden’s Secret Treaty, as thirteen (13) brave American military members fell prey to a bombing raid executed by these terrorists. Thirteen Americans died, without time to protect themselves, because of Biden’s vanity, tyranny, and betrayal! Why is Pelosi not screaming to impeach Biden?

    • With the decision to move and act as Biden chose in Afghanistan, Biden followed his mentor Barrack Obama’s pattern of deceit and overstepping his powers as President. Obama brokered two treaties, without consult or consent of Congress, and Biden just committed the same offense. Article II, Section 2, Paragraph 2 of our Constitution grants the President certain rights to broker and make treaties, but the President must consult with Congress and receive their consent before signing any Treaty. Obama ignored this law and sent Secretary of State John Kerry to sign the United Nation’s “Small Arms Treaty”, without consulting with or obtaining consent from Congress. Obama also brokered a Nuclear Treaty with Iran where Iran received billions of dollars and access to nuclear material with no provision for the United States to regulate how the money is spent! Obama completed each of the “deals” without consulting or obtaining consent from Congress to do so. Do we need any more proof to convince anyone with an ounce of common sense of the will and testament to what Democrats seek and what their agenda is?

      • Medical evidence proves carriers of variants of COVID-19 cross our southern border in record numbers since Democrats stole the White House and placed a callous, senile, puppet in the presidency. Biden made stopping construction on the southern border wall a priority on his first day in office and United States citizens have been contracting the coronavirus and variants of the coronavirus from carriers crossing, without any vetting, from Central and South America because of Bidens vanity and ego! Biden cares nothing about the sovereignty of this nation or the welfare of our citizens: all he wants is power and the satisfaction of reversing as many of President Trump’s accomplishments as he can, with total disregard of the benefits resulting from some of President Trump’s actions.

        • If Biden did indicate his willingness to help build a wall on the border of Afghanistan and Tajikistan, to better respond to safety threats, what logical reasoning did Biden use in deciding to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan? Afghanistan was in our control and the Taliban were subdued before Biden made his grandiose decision to decimate the Afghani government, their economy, and place every Afghani in danger of Taliban retaliation! Since Biden announced withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan, Taliban forces have taken the entire country, with Nazi-like precision used by Hitler as Germany engulfed their neighboring countries during the 1930s and 1940s!

          Biden ordered our forces out of Afghanistan so quickly, we left equipment and supplies, worth billions, for Taliban terrorists to use against us. We left Helicopters, weapons, ammunition and tons of supplies because of Biden’s decision to abandon our allies in Afghanistan. The carnage that will leave hundreds of U.S. allies tortured and murdered has yet to begin. Once started, no Afghani will be safe. Taliban leaders can declare anyone an enemy and assassinate those accused and the accused person’s family and friends, with no one to stop them! If that sounds familia, you must have attended school in a time when teacher taught history as history and not as theory. If you are not of that era, let me explain the “liberated” youth what truly accrued in real history. Nazis, under the tutorage of Hitler, used the same tactics against the Jewish community in Germany. Biden will be best remembered for being the catalysts to the rising of the Taliban’s ugly head, once again, to regain the forces needed to renew terrorist’s attacks on western civilizations and Christians, worldwide!

          Democrats and Republicans should unite in a bipartisan effort to impeach Biden and, once out of office and with his political carrier over, Biden should face a civilian court on charges of treason!


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