ALERT: CA Election Forced To Be Overturned Due To Voter Fraud: Winner Charged With Fraud And Bribery

(Patriot Insider) – There may still be hope for America after all. Despite the fact that the 2020 election was rigged and that Joe Biden most certainly did not receive 81 million votes, nothing at all has been done about it.

The evidence is compelling and yet no court will touch it and you can forget about the Department of Justice which has been taken hostage by the Biden regime.

Just when it seems as though lawlessness and corruption have officially taken over America, one court in California has proven that justice can still prevail.

A city councilman in Compton, California, has been removed from office after a judge ruled that some of the votes he received were illegal.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Compton Councilman Isaac Galvan was initially determined to have beaten challenger Andre Spicer in a June 2021 runoff election by a count of 855 to 854.

However, the LA County District Attorney’s office charged Galvan with election rigging and bribery in August 2021.

On Friday, Superior Court Judge Michelle Williams Court ruled four of the ballots cast for Galvan were from people who lived in other districts. Being that the margin was 1 single vote, those four ballots were enough to change the outcome of the election.

The court ruled the election result was Spicer beating Galvan 854 to 851.

In the lawsuit against Galvan, prosecutors alleged that he developed a plan with primary opponent Jace Dawson to bring in more votes for Galvan during the runoff election.

Kimberly Chaouch, Toni Sanae Morris, Reginald Orlando Streeter and Jordan Farr Jefferson all voted in the runoff even though they don’t even live in Compton, Court wrote in her 10-page ruling.

Each of the four used Dawson’s address to register to vote in the runoff, which made it all the more obvious.

Chaouch, Morris, Streeter and Dawson were all charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit election fraud, along with another man named Barry Kirk Reed.

Chaouch admitted in a call on a recorded line six days after the June 2021 runoff that she had voted despite living in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles and not in Compton.

She also said Dawson himself arranged for her to register with his address and vote for Galvan, the Times reported.

“There’s a couple more that are using his personal address as well,” Chaouch admitted, according to the judge. “Jace is the only person that lives there.”

The reward for illegally registering to vote in the runoff election was a position with Galvan’s campaign.

Court said in her ruling that Chaouch was told by Dawson that “they were doing this to stop the long-standing corruption that would only continue if Andre Spicer were to be elected.”

Oh, the irony.

Chaouch pleaded no contest to breaking election laws, while Dawson and Galvan each pleaded not guilty to charges relating to election fraud.

In a statement to KABC-TV, Spicer expressed his gladness that the judge rules in his favor.

“I am excited, thrilled, and relieved that Judge Michelle Williams ruled in my favor,” Spicer said.

“We have worked so hard and tirelessly to prove our case and represent for a community who needed it the most. Today is a new beginning for not only myself but 25,000 residents that have been pleading for change.”

While leftists still insist that any allegations of election fraud in the 2020 election are just “conspiracy theories” this case proves that leftists are, indeed, willing to lie and cheat to get elections to go their way.

It also proves that Republicans’ efforts to secure elections are justified and necessary.

It has never been more important to take election integrity laws seriously and support them no matter how rabid and vehement leftists get.

Apparently, ensuring that people do not illegally vote amounts to “suppressing votes” to Democrats. How disturbing is that?

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  1. Thank God! Hopefully this is just the beginning of having honest elections again in Calif. It’s been a very LONG time!!

    • We can only hope that California will be turned RED instead of BLUE. At least that way, the adults will be running things.

  2. About time someone was caught and held accountable!!! Now lets get the rest of the people doing
    this and bring them down and accountable!!! Democrats beware this behavior is NOT acceptable!!!
    This has to stop…Biden is living proof!!! Just look at the mess it’s created!!!

  3. Only a couple votes mattered in this election. Maybe in an election where supposedly 81 million people voted they will find that a couple of votes mattered.

  4. Before the 2020 Trump/biden election.. biden couldn’t fill a parking lot with supporters.. Trump over-filled stadiums! I’ll NEVER believe that biden beat Trump in a fair election, in fact, the usps has had several whistle blowers that confessed to voter ballot tampering, and it was kept out of the mainstream press… The usps union is liberal, AND a lot of the ballot machines are stored in post offices across the Nation.. Go figure.. Not to mention, biden gave them a big raise, AGAIN…..


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