Ex-Obama Policy Adviser Facing Child-Sex Accusations

(Patriot Insider) – The dark secrets hidden within many Democrat closets continue to be dragged out into the light, the most recent example being a former senior policy adviser who served under former President Barack Obama and is now facing charges of child sex offenses in the United Kingdom. Boy, those leftists really know how to pick deviants as their underlings, don’t they? This is disgusting.

According to a piece by the New York Post, “New Jersey native Rahamim ‘Rami’ Shy, 46, faced Luton Crown Court last Friday after being arrested on a slew of charges, including arranging the commission of a child sex offense and possessing indecent images of children, the Daily Mail reported, citing court documents.”

“Clad in a grey prison tracksuit, the former Treasury Department staffer — who was nabbed and charged in February — wasn’t asked to enter a plea during the court hearing,” the article continued. “Exact details of his alleged offenses weren’t immediately clear but he is being held in custody until his next court hearing in June, the outlet said.”

Shy was previously employed within the Treasury Department between the years of 2008 and 2014, where his work consisted of advising the Obama administration on how they could counter terrorism financing from both the Taliban and Al Qaeda. In 2009, Shy provided testimony in a congressional hearing on matters of security in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Recently, Shy, who has received education from Rutgers University and Columbia University, worked as an executive at Citibank. However, a representative for the company stated that he is no longer an employee of theirs. I bet not. Who wants to have a sickening person who sexually exploits children working at their business?

As of this writing, Shy’s social media accounts, including his LinkedIn, have been completely scrubbed. It’s unknown if Shy was living in the United Kingdom at the time of his arrest.

Let’s hope this man gets the entire book thrown at him by the legal system in the UK and is punished for these despicable crimes.

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  1. Obama’s group –

    President – Gay/Queer
    Vice President – Pedo
    First Lady – Male

    Chinese Communist owned Joey Biden/Xiden

    President – Pedo loves young girls/showered with daughter until she was around 10
    Vice President – Just say, VERY, VERY LOOSE MORALS. Slept her way to the top VP spot.
    First Lady – Started an affair with China Joey while both were married. Dumb as a rock
    Cabinet Individuals – Nearly all eiiter GAY or mentally ill thinking that men can become women any time they wish.
    Freedom hating Traitors for Head Military non-Leaders selling American to the Communists.

    There are many, many more but you know who they are!


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