Former Clinton Advisor: Trump’s Criminal Trials Are Powering Him To Victory

(Patriot Insider) – When liberals got together to hatch a plan that would somehow stop former President Donald Trump from being the Republican Party nominee by taking him out before the general election this November, where he would be participating in a rematch with President Joe Biden — the worst leader this nation has ever seen and that’s really saying something — they believed the best way to accomplish their ends was by weaponizing the legal system against him.

Radicals have referred to such a strategy as lawfare. The left soon slapped the former president with a lengthy list of charges that have resulted in four indictments, hoping that all of the negative press, resultant trials and possible convictions would ruin him in the eyes of Republicans.

Unfortunately for them, this whole thing is backfiring in a big, big way, as the trials and charges brought against Trump have only served to make him even more popular among the masses.

“The accusations against Trump naturally dominate the news. You can’t indict a former president four times and expect any less coverage,” Dick Morris wrote for The Western Journal.

“But the problem for the Democrats is that the indictments are truly sucking up all the oxygen and leave no room for any other critique of Trump. There is just no space or time to examine critically any of his policies, appointments and statements. Anything that Trump or others may do or say is completely drowned out by the criminal charges,” Morris continued.

He then went on to declare in his piece that due to the employment of this strategy against the former president, they have essentially placed themselves in a straight jacket with no room to move or maneuver. Add to this the fact that Biden does not have any sort of offsetting issue to work in his favor that he can focus on or rally his base around.

“The inevitable dynamics of a criminal trial also work against Biden. A prosecutor is always at his strongest on Day One when his indictments and arrests are revealed. On that day, he controls the debate,” Morris stated. “But then his case always weakens over time. Sometimes the case lacks substance to begin with. Other times, the prosecutor is caught in bed with the district attorney. Events after an arrest or an indictment inevitably spin out of control and the prosecution’s case weakens.”

“In cases likely to come to a quick verdict, these pre-trial switches in momentum don’t matter. But since it is evident that at least three of the indictments will not come to trial before the election, pre-trial maneuvering matters a great deal,” he said.

Naturally, Biden didn’t really have a choice but to accept the prosecutors who brought about the indictments, Morris pointed out, but having folks like Alvin Bragg or Fani Willis as the ones leading the charge against Trump proved to be disastrous for the left and a true embarrassment. Again, all of the hoopla concerning these two has led to even more fervent support for Trump’s re-election campaign.

The political pundit then penned, “Voters would be hard-pressed to blame Trump for his handling of secret documents after Biden left his in his garage. Unless the prosecution explains what was in those documents, and elicits gasps from the jurors, they won’t do Trump much harm.”

“Nor is the almost-rape-but-not-quite case against Trump likely to amount to anything more than an election lawyer’s dream: From which pocket did the payoff come? Finally, Biden is losing the pre-trial skirmishing,” he remarked in the op-ed.

“The massive coverage of the New York appellate court’s decision to cut Trump’s bond by more than half does his prosecutors no good. And if it comes out that Trump did indeed ask for National Guard troops as Jan. 6 neared and that the committee investigating the events of that day tried to squelch the story, that almost dooms the Jan. 6 case,” Morris added.

These cases look like serious prosecutorial overreach.

Due to all of the press that’s being given to Trump and his various trials, it has become extremely difficult for any candidate other than him to receive news coverage and have their message spread to the masses. People, whether they love him or hate him, are far more interested in Trump and what’s happening to him than they are Biden or say, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Morris noted that the second biggest news story of our current times is that of President Joe Biden’s cognitive decline. Combine number one with number two and you can see clearly why he really has no chance of winning in November.

Add in the border crisis, which Biden still has done nothing to repair, and you have the perfect recipe for utter failure in the general election.

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