Soros Fund Shifts Focus To New Target: America’s Airwaves

(Patriot Insider) – Billionaire progressive George Soros, the real life equivalent of Emperor Palpatine from ‘Star Wars,’ is setting his sights on a brand new target in order to help gain influence in the political sphere of the United States: American broadcasting.

Because destroying the country city-by-city by helping soft-on-crime district attorneys getting elected is apparently taking too much time and effort. Soros wants to see this nation destroyed, wrecked, and burned to the ground so that atop its ashes he and his fellow progressives can get busy rebuilding it all in the image of Karl Marx. They really believe this is the way to save humanity, by attempting to perfect it through social engineering and socialism. What they will inevitably create is a dystopian nightmare ripped out of the pages of George Orwell’s ‘1984.’

As per the Daily Caller, “Soros Fund Management, which is controlled by Open Society Foundations (OSF), has made multiple high-profile media acquisitions over the past two years and, according to sources familiar who spoke with Semafor, is in discussions to purchase even more. Roughly one-third of all media consumed in the United States is in the form of audio and about half of Americans still listen to the radio when traveling in their cars.”

“OSF, a network of nonprofits Soros laid the groundwork for in 1984, has spent billions since funding left-of-center organizations across the globe, according to its website. Soros himself poured more than $32 billion into his philanthropies since 1984,” the article went on to say.

The recent batch of purchases made by Soros’ network first began back in 2022 when the Soros Management Fund sunk a whole bunch of cash — the exact amount is not currently known — into a company called Crooked Media, which is a liberal podcast network. I find it ironic it’s called “Crooked Media” because that’s exactly what Soros is. Crooked.

The company hosts dozens of podcasts with high traffic rates, such as Pod Save America, the fifth most popular news show on Apple Podcasts.

“Soros Fund Management’s investment bought it a seat on the podcast network’s board and, according to the founders of the company, may be used by Crooked to fund acquisitions, according to Variety. Soros Fund Management does not hold a majority stake in Crooked Media,” the report continued.

“Crooked Media wasn’t Soros’ only foray into audio in 2022. Lakestar Finance, an investment firm where Soros Fund Management serves as the ‘principal investment manager,’ also financed Latino Media Network’s $60 million purchase of 18 Spanish-language radio stations operating across the country, including the conservative Radio Mambí in Florida,” it added. “Some of the Spanish-speaking radio hosts impacted by the purchase left their shows, citing editorial disagreements, according to The New York Post.”

Back in February, the Soros network acquired a whopping $400 million worth of debt that was owed by Audacy, the country’s second-largest network of radio stations. That debt has now been converted into equity as part of a new corporate restructuring plan, officially making Soros Fund Management one of the largest shareholders of Audacy.

“Three people who have been involved in discussions with Soros executives say these acquisitions could be part of a larger push to cement control over audio-based media, according to Semafor. Soros Fund Management, for instance, has privately discussed acquiring Cumulus Media, a radio network that operates 403 networks and reaches a quarter of a billion people every month,” the Daily Caller stated.

Semafor also revealed that Soros Fund Management is looking to potentially acquire several podcast companies. In other words, Soros wants to control as many radio stations and podcasts as possible in order to further radicalize and indoctrinate Americans against their own best interests, surrendering their freedom in the name of the “collective.” It’s honestly terrifying.

And it seems Soros isn’t going to stop with audio either. Courier Newsroom, a network of websites that present as local news outlets, but push articles that are biased and pro-Democrat, has been getting a ton of money from Soros and his various networks.

“OSF and left-wing Swiss Billionaire Hansjörg Wyss also reportedly financed the acquisition of nearly two dozen local newspapers in Maine. Soros’ philanthropies have pumped millions into local and nonprofit news operations over the years,” the piece said. “Soros’ son, Alex, became chair of OSF which controls the family investment firm, in December 2022.”

This is bad news for sure, as Alex Soros has described himself as being “more political” than his dad. Let that sink in for a minute. It’s hard to imagine someone being more political than George Soros. This is a serious red flag.

Pray for our country, particularly that the American people would have discernment and not allow themselves to be snowballed into believing the propaganda pushed out by Soros.

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  1. He looks like death warmed over……trying to destroy this country any way he can. Should have been
    deported long ago. He will be held accountable …..sooner or later….this life or after life. He and his
    buddy Smoe, Would NOT want to be either one at the end of the line when their time comes for sure.


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