ALERT: President Of France Issues SHOCKING THREAT To The Unvaccinated

(Patriot Insider) – Joe Biden has repeatedly lectured and scolded American citizens who have done their due diligence to research the potential risks and benefits of taking the still highly experimental COVID-19 vaccine, which has proven to be both dangerous and ineffective.

Meanwhile, his French counterpart has managed to find a whole new way of expressing his hatred for those who remain unvaccinated. The COVID cult have truly lost their minds, ladies and gentlemen.

“I’m not for pissing off the French… now the unvaccinated, I really want to piss them off,” Emmanuel Macron went on to say during an interview Tuesday with the Le Parisien newspaper.

“And so, we’re going to keep doing it, until the end. This is the strategy,” the French president proclaimed.

Gee, such a great leader, right guys? I mean, who wouldn’t want this guy calling the shots for your country?

Macron has actually proposed a new set of rules for unvaccinated people that would essentially ban them from being able to participate in much of public life. You know, the old “make life super inconvenient and unbearable until folks comply” strategy.

“Last month, Austria became the first European Union member to announce a law requiring that everyone in the country be vaccinated. Austria also was the first to introduce a temporary lockdown for the unvaccinated.” the report form WND stated.

The new French measures, which are currently being debated in the country’s Parliament, would require folks to provide proof of vaccination to enter restaurants and bars, and to travel within the nation.

So the fact that this smacks of Nazi Germany just hasn’t hit the folks in France yet?

“I’m not going to put them in jail, I’m not going to forcibly vaccinate them, and so, you have to tell them: from January 15, you will no longer be able to go to the restaurant, you will no longer be able to have a drink, go for a coffee, to the theater, you will no longer go to the movies,” the French president said to Le Parisien.

He then stated that those who oppose his mandates are “irresponsible” folks who have “undermined the strength of a nation.”

“When my freedom threatens that of others, I become irresponsible,” he went on to say. “An irresponsible person is no longer a citizen.”

“Critics of mandates, however, have pointed out that the COVID-19 vaccines target the initial dominant strain of the virus believed to have originated in Wuhan, China, and are ineffective against the omicron variant that is becoming dominant. Further, omicron, while much more contagious, is presenting symptoms akin to the common cold or the seasonal flu. And that combination is seen by many epidemiologists as a potential “natural vaccine” that could end the pandemic,” the report noted.

The French government has gone on to back up Macron’s comments and the usage of coarse language, according to Reuters, which has drawn stiff condemnation from the president’s political opposition, as well as pulling out mixed reactions from voters.

Gabriel Attal, a spokesman for the French president, said there’s a “supersonic” rise happening of coronavirus cases.

“Who is pissing off who today?” Attal asked, noting there are health workers struggling to cope and businesses that are being harmed by the pandemic. “It’s those who refuse the vaccine.”

French Prime Minister Jean Castex then went on to say that folks who have taken the jab are frustrated with the individuals who are still resisting.

“Amid discussion in Parliament over Macron’s mandate, Christian Jacob, chairman of the conservative Les Republicans party commented on the president’s remarks to Le Parisien, declaring ‘a president cannot say such things'” WND said.

This is super scary, folks. Much more terrifying than the virus itself. Tyranny and oppression are hard to bounce back from. People who slurp up power like a popsicle are not likely to give that power back up.

All of this over a virus with a 99 percent survival rate.

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