ALERT: Taliban Vows To Overrun DC With 2,000 Suicide Bombers… Biden Admin Silent

(Patriot Insider) – After the Taliban took control of Kabul and then the entire country of Afghanistan, the Biden regime didn’t seem too concerned at all about any of it.

They didn’t appear to be worried about the thousands of Americans and allies left behind. They didn’t appear to think it was all that big of a deal that they left billions of dollars worth of munitions and military-grade equipment behind for Taliban use. They weren’t too concerned at all with the fact that the Taliban is a terror organization.

As a matter of fact, somehow, in the midst of all of this turmoil and chaos the Biden regime found ways to pat themselves on the back and carry on as if they had accomplished something good.

After promising that the Taliban that took over is a new, reformed Taliban and definitely not the Taliban of old that embraced terrorism and despised America, it now looks like what is unfolding in Afghanistan is basically exactly what the rest of the world, outside of the Biden regime, predicted was going to happen.

The Taliban is back to their old terrorist tricks and Washington DC just might be their latest target.

A new report states that the Taliban is now threatening to send 2,000 suicide bombers to DC. The worst part, the Biden regime has had nothing to say about these threats at all.

Since the Biden regime’s concession to the Taliban and the terror organization’s successful takeover of Afghanistan over the summer, it’s been made pretty clear that the Taliban has no intentions of playing nice.

The suicide-bombing threat was first reported on by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), a watchdog group that keeps an eye on communications and activities from extremists and media sources.

A report from last month explains that during ongoing talks in Doha, Qatar — where the Taliban government seeks international recognition — Afghanistan’s acting defense minister, Maulvi Mohammad Yaqoob Mujahid, said that if America wants troops in Afghanistan to reopen its embassy there then the Taliban wanted an equal number of terrorists in the US capital.

“If America wants 2,000 English [i.e., American] troops at its embassy in Afghanistan, we also want 2,000 Fidayeen Mujahideen [i.e., suicide bombers] from the Fateh Force at the embassy of Afghanistan in America,” a Dec. 11 tweet from Yaqoob read.

MEMRI pointed out that “Fidayeen is another term used by jihadi groups for their suicide bombers.

“‘Fateh Force,’ or ‘victorious force,’ is a ‘martyrdom force’ within the Badri 313 unit of the Islamic Emirate,” the group reported. “Badri 313 is named after the Ghazwa-e-Badr, the first Islamic battle led by Islam’s founder Muhammad in which 313 Muslims defeated thousands of non-Muslim tribesmen.”

Should we have ever expected anything less from the Taliban?

Yaqoob is the son of Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid, the deceased co-founder and spiritual leader of the Taliban. This guy is deeply steeped in Islamic extremism and hate for the West and now he’s the acting defense minister of Afghanistan. What could possibly go wrong?

It doesn’t appear that the threat is an idle one. Last week, MEMRI reported that Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told a Pashtu-language radio station the Taliban is readying units of suicide bombers.

“Our mujahideen in the Ishtishhadi Kandaks [martyrdom-seeking battalions] will be part of the army and [they] will be Special Forces and organized under the defense ministry,” Mujahid said.

“The Special Forces will be established in a specific number and used for special operations.”

While we can assume that no matter where talks in Doha go, the Biden regime will, at the very least, not agree to the terms set forth by the Taliban to have 2,000 suicide bombers deployed to DC just to reopen the US embassy in Kabul.

However, it’s worth noting that the Biden regime has had nothing to say about the threat. Is anyone really surprised?

No response, is a response. Let’s hope the Taliban doesn’t get the wrong idea. Terror is on the verge of flourishing again in the world thanks to Joe Biden and the stolen election.

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