ARRESTED: Top Democrat Taken Away In Handcuffs

(Patriot Insider) – The one thing we can say for sure about New York Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a lover of good drama, especially when she is the central focus. A prime example of this is what happened on Tuesday when the avowed Democratic Socialist took to the streets just outside the Supreme Court building where she protested in support of abortion.

According to a report from the Western Journal, AOC managed to get herself arrested during the protest, which gave her a whole lot of attention, which she no doubt thoroughly enjoyed. As she was being led away by Capitol Police officers, she flashed a grin at the audience — er, uh, crowd — outside the court building.

“It is against the law to block traffic … We have already given our standard three warnings. Some of the demonstrators are refusing to get out of the street, so we are starting to make arrests,” U.S. Capitol Police stated in a series of Tweets published on Tuesday afternoon.

What’s really weird about this little bit of political theater is the fact that AOC held her hands behind her back as if the police officer had slapped the cuffs on her during the arrest. She then raised a fist to the protesting crowd, as if she were some sort of activist hero in the climax of a cheesy movie.

After she made the gesture, which clearly indicated that she did not indeed have handcuffs on, she returned her hands to the same position behind her back. Again, this nothing more than drama and theater to help get on the good side of protesters and ensure they vote Democrat this fall during the mid-terms.

Another member of the infamous “Squad,” Congresswoman Ilhan Omar was also arrested during the protest. Oma made the same fist gesture as AOC, also after holding her hands in a cuffed position.

“Video of the protest shows demonstrators sitting on the road and holding pro-abortion signs,” the Western Journal reported.

“The Capitol Police announced that they made 34 arrests during the protest — including the arrests of 16 members of Congress,” the report continued.

According to local law enforcement, the reason for the arrests was because the protesters were allegedly blocking the road outside of the Supreme Court.

Here’s a list of those who were arrested. Several of them are members of the Squad.

As of this writing it’s not been made clear whether or not those who have been arrested will be facing any charges.

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  1. This is PURE B.S ! They were Never Ever lead away in Cuffs. But they should have and JAILED for 180 Day’s for a Cooling Off Period. I alone seen that Video 3 Times and Never Ever seen a Pair of CUFF’S put on anyone.
    AOC, Can try to LIE way out this B S because she nor of any of others 16 were not Cuffed. Habitual Liar and Con Artist she will always be.

  2. I hope the judge is not a whacko too. They should be stripped of their office for defying the laws that they themselves as congress have passed. Hopefully an integrity board will do something.


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