Biden Announces He Has COVID, Calls VP Kamala Harris The ‘First Lady’

(Patriot Insider) – Joe Biden is an absolute clown. Trying to listen to him speak coherently is both frustrating and painful. The worst part of it all is watching the Washington DC swamp creatures coddle him and pretend like his behavior is totally normal and endearing.

As a Western Journal writer aptly put it, “It is the uncomfortable experience of watching a cognitively impaired senior citizen thrust into the spotlight by unseen handlers, while the policies he rubber-stamps destabilize the nation and the world. Biden is clearly not lucid enough to understand what catastrophes he reads off the teleprompters.”

Perfectly said.

Things get even more dicey when Biden is in front of the camera without his trusty teleprompter. While speaking at an equal pay event on Tuesday, Biden made an outright mess of whatever it was he was trying to say.

In the end, according to Biden, he has COVID, Kamala Harris is the First Lady and her Husband is the First Gentleman. The man has completely lost his ability to make any rational sense with words.

His cognitive abilities are gone. He wasn’t even aware of the nonsense he was spewing until it was explained to him. At which point he and the audience all had a good laugh in the same way you would during a visit with your elderly grandparents at an assisted living facility.

They act like his dribbling is endearing but it’s seriously concerning.

Despite the fact that COVID is largely over now that Russia has invaded Ukraine, positive cases are still being reported. On Tuesday, according to Fox News, Kamala Harris’s husband, Doug Emhoff, tested positive for the virus. Emhoff’s title is “second gentlemen” being the husband of the so-called vice president.

Harris has not tested positive but is nonetheless being kept away from Biden, which makes sense considering he is, after all, among the most vulnerable for COVID. Harris opted out of the remarks she was scheduled to make at Tuesday’s event which the White House described as a commemoration of March as Women’s History Month.

The US is literally collapsing and the regime is sitting in their ivory tower harping over the supposed gender pay gap, which is nothing more than a myth.

When Biden attempted to explain Harris’s absence and the change in speakers, he completely botched it and it’s hard to watch.

Biden stated that “the first lady’s husband” had tested positive for COVID.

“But there’s been a little change in the arrangement of who’s on the stage because of the first lady’s husband contracting COVID,” Biden said.

The “first lady’s husband” would be him, Joe Biden. A voice from off stage could be heard correcting Biden, which a White House transcript identified as being that of Jill Biden, the actual first lady.

Washington Examiner reporter Jerry Dunleavy shared a clip of the confusion on Twitter.

“…a little change in the arrangement of who is on the stage because of the First Lady’s [Jill’s] husband [Joe] contracting Covid… She [Jill] is fine. It’s me [Joe]… The Second Lady [doesn’t exist]. The First Gentleman [Kamala Harris’s husband Doug Emhoff is Second Gentleman].”

Dunleavy also provided a useful translation of the rambling misstatements: “’…a little change in the arrangement of who is on the stage because of the First Lady’s (Jill’s) husband (Joe) contracting Covid… She (Jill) is fine. It’s me (Joe)… The Second Lady (doesn’t exist). The First Gentleman (Kamala Harris’s husband Doug Emhoff is Second Gentleman).’”

Despite the fact that the crowd laughed merrily at Biden’s blunder, there’s just really nothing funny about the fact that he cannot seem to speak coherently, ever.

This is the man currently leading the charge to supposedly “build back better” which is actually only destroying the US. He is too far gone to even realize the damage he’s inflicting on America.

Biden is always making a mess of anything he’s trying to say, whether it be making completely false statements, outright lying, mixing up words, mispronouncing words, forgetting names, places and titles, or using weird, creepy voices to emphasize a point he’s trying to make.

Biden runs the gambit of gaffes regularly and it’s a true embarrassment to the US.

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  1. Not the first time he has referred to “Heels up Harris” as the First Lady. He has referred to his sister as his “wife”. The man doesn’t know where he is half the time.

    • If I remember correctly, at a Black History Month event, even Jill Biden introduced Kamala Harris as the First Lady. Don’t Joe or Jill even know who is running this country? What a bunch of idiots we have in the White House. And the Democrats thought Trump was bad. Joe and Jill Biden should be awarded the dumb and dumber BOOBIE PRIZE!

      • Who cares what the democrats think of Trump. They’re never right about anything. Trump is a genius and should never be compared to the slug Biden. Biden isn’t even in the same universe.

  2. If President Trump had even done half of what Joe just did, we would be told we were in a constitutional crisis and the media would be yelling to invoke the 25th Amendment.
    The Dems would be pressuring his cabinet to do what’s best for this country and every outlet would be yelling to get rid of Trump because the world’s security is in peril and we can’t have this man’s thumb on the nuclear button. You know that I’m not exaggerating one iota. Instead, we have the media circling the wagons so that we can keep Joe’s handlers in power, ie, Susan Rice and company.

  3. SO? Slojo has covid?,…. this would lead most sane folks to realize that Slojo actually has dementia,…. which has been pointed out for years,…. including by his Idiot former boss Oblamer,…. nasty nancy probably does as well, one could conclude after watching “IT” speak


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