Biden Rocked By Special Counsel’s Testimony: ‘The President Willfully Retained Classified Materials’

(Patriot Insider) – This week is turning out to be a fairly rough one for President Joe Biden, not that we should offer him any of our sympathies, especially since he brought this all on himself by being one of the most corrupt politicians in our modern era. And given we have the Clinton family, that’s quite an accomplishment. The president’s current nightmare is the result of ongoing congressional testimony being delivered by Special Counsel Robert Hur, the same individual who conducted an investigation into his mishandling of classified documents and released a report that revealed he has severe memory issues.

Of course, most of us with a dime-sized portion of common sense already knew Biden, who is 81, suffers from cognitive decline, but having this acknowledged in a report that contains actual evidence to support such a conclusion has served to be a major blow for the president and his re-election campaign. And things are only getting worse for him.

According to The Western Journal, “As shared by Townhall on the social media platform X, Hur is currently testifying before the House Judiciary Committee regarding the details of his investigation into Biden’s mishandling of classified documents.”

The clip went on to show Hur delivering testimony on whether or not the documents retained by Biden were done so willfully. What do you think his answer was?

“My team and I conducted a thorough, independent investigation. We identified evidence that the president willfully retained classified materials after the end of his vice presidency when he was a private citizen,” Hur testified.

And he wasn’t done there.

“This evidence included an audio recorded conversation during which Mr. Biden told his ghostwriter that had, ‘Just found all the classified stuff downstairs,'” he added.

Hur explained, “When Mr. Biden said this, he was a private citizen, speaking to his ghostwriter in his private rental home in Virginia. We also identified other recorded conversations during which Mr. Biden read classified information aloud to his ghostwriter.”

I don’t care how poor his memory is, Biden should be placed on trial for this. The man took classified information and read it out loud to his ghostwriter. How much more foolish can he get? Biden clearly retained the documents willfully.

“While it’s not a good thing to hold onto classified documents once you return to being a private citizen in general, it’s clear there are significant differences in Biden and Trump’s respective classified documents cases,” the report stated. “For one, Trump is not a senile career politician who can’t remember when his son died or when he left the office of vice president.”

The Western Journal also noted that Biden has been in politics a whole lot longer than Trump and held on to a number of documents for periods of time far beyond those of the former president. The charges that have been brought against Trump are rooted in politics. Radical left-wingers want nothing more than to prevent the former president from being on the ballot in November. It has nothing to do with justice.

“Biden is a man who has tried and failed to become president since the 1980’s, and now that he is president, he can barely remember his important life events, his age is a glaring weakness, and as he strives for re-election, he is involved in scandal after scandal,” the piece explained.

Elected officials need to be held accountable for their actions. They must know they are not above the law, but held to the same standard as everyone else. One way to end the two-tiered justice system in this country is to prosecute Biden for his possession of these documents. Make it so.

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  1. Another important fact to consider. biden has been running around telling everyone that the report findings completely exonerated him.
    In testimony Hur said in no uncertain terms that he DID NOT EXONERATE biden!
    When biden stole many of the classified documents he was a Senator, and then later a VP. That was decades ago and presumably he was in control of his mental faculties then.
    Prosecution for crimes such as these doesn’t care if the person is old, well meaning or not, or if his memory is good or bad. All supposedly get prosecuted and treated the same, unless your name is biden and has a big D after it.

  2. Biden was found to have stolen thousands of highly classified SECRET and TOP SECRET documents and shared them with people who had no security clearance folks! This is a thousand plus charges of espionage just for starters as well folks!! He also hid them in at least nine (9) places so far. Nobody knows if they found all of them yet, let alone how many people were also involved in helping Biden hid them – like at his local college, his lawyer’s office etc. He also kept them when he left the white house – he hired a moving company to transport the boxes of stolen classified documents to his house and office (Biden packed them all up by himself as well) folks!!! He knew it was against the law to keep them at that time and hid them instead of turning them into the proper authorities, just like Obama did as well folks!!!! Barry rented a Haul to transport his classified documents he stole folks as well!!!!! The special counsel forgot to mention that the first batch of stolen classified documents were found in Biden’s office closet – the same office that Biden shared with his son (Robert Hunter Biden) as well as his son’s CCP business partner (both had keys to the office and had full access to the stolen classified documents). This may solve the mystery of why China has been sending Biden tens of millions of dollars now folks as well as show what they were selling China now!!!!!


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