BOMBSHELL REPORT: January 6 Star Witness Texts Leaked… Make Cassidy Hutchinson Look Like A Fraud

(Patriot Insider) – The sham Jan. 6 committee called on former aide to President Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows in 2020, Cassidy Hutchinson, to testify. The Democrats and their sycophant media partners called Hutchinson’s testimony, which was nothing but hearsay, “bombshell” testimony.

It turns out, however, that just a few months ago Hutchinson had a much different attitude toward the entire Jan. 6 charade. In her own words she expressed that she believed the left-wing kangaroo court was a bunch of “BS.”

Her testimony was quickly and easily debunked as “fake news” as soon as it came out of her mouth. The left is still pretending like it’s big news but anyone with half a brain knows the truth.

As if it wasn’t obvious enough she was lying and embellishing stories to hurt President Trump, after she was done on the witness stand cameras caught her and Liz Cheney in a warm embrace with Cheney thanking her for her quickly debunked testimony.

Nonetheless, Hutchinson was singing a different tune about the Dems’ Jan. 6 hearings back in February when she was served a subpoena by the committee to testify.

According to conservative activist Matt Schlapp, head of the long-running conservative convention CPAC, Hutchinson had attempted to contact them for help defending herself and even called the Jan. 6 committee a bunch of “BS.”

On June 28, Schlapp slammed Hutchinson for “relaying WH hallway gossip as fact,” and exposed the fact that she had been seeking his help prior to the show trial.

The Daily Caller reported that Hutchinson seemed intent on finding some way to avoid appearing before the committee and reportedly contacted one of Schlapp’s associates looking for a way to get the American Conservative Union or the First Amendment Fund POC to come to her aid.

“Do you happen to know a First Amendment fund POC I could reach out to? I was subpoenaed in early Nov., but the committee waited to serve me until last week (after Ben’s deposition),” Hutchinson texted, according to the Caller.

“I had to accept service because the U.S. Marshals came to my apartment last Wednesday, but I haven’t made contact with the Committee. I’m just on a tight timeline and just trying to figure out what my options are to deal with this BS,” Hutchinson continued.

Hutchinson also said that she didn’t want the situation to get “unnecessarily elevated.”

You have to wonder what happened between then and when she appeared before the committee as the Democrats’ star “bombshell” witness? What did the committee offer Hutchinson to show up and give her fantastical stories that Trump assaulted members of the Secret Service and attempted to take control of the presidential SUV on Jan. 6 so he could join the rioting at the Capitol?

Her stories don’t even sound remotely believable and were easily debunked by members of the Secret Service and Trump’s staff.

Interestingly, or maybe not so much, the Jan. 6 committee has not bothered to cross-examine those who have stated Hutchinson’s tales are false.

It’s all one big charade and this is just further proof that the only collusion that has ever gone on in the Washington DC swamp has been led by the Democrats.

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  1. Hang um high!!! what a load of crap from this so called bomb shell witness!!! What a joke this crummy
    committee has become !!! Come on Cheney have her come back for another hug and photo op!!
    People are you seeing what’s going on here a total TRAP for TRUMP!!! Diss band this charade and get back
    to work on real problems there are MANY!!!!! Enough is enough!!!! This has been a waste of tax payors $$
    Pel-lousy give it up!!!!!

    • Rick – Lying under oath is a federal offence when the people in power say so. We have two separate criminal justice systems. One for regular citizens and one for the privileged elites. Just look at Ghislaine Maxwell who didn’t have to give up a list of any of her clients, Hillary Clinton who used emails to send top secret intelligence information not to mention the ridiculous body count, Barack Obama and many others who are obviously immune to ordinary laws. It’s impossible to pretend that we have laws that apply to all citizens….

      • well Jacob, I think i have been watching that particular scenario In Play for about 6.8 decades now, It was me blowing off steam “Tilting at windmills”

  2. Do the democrat leaders have any clue how lame and downright stupid they look to most Americans??? No…because they think WE are stupid and clueless. Whether you like Trump or not, vote for Trump supporting Republicans in November. They are for the people, not the party. Trump is not a perfect man, but he was perfect for the presidency.

  3. What do they mean by the leak of her Testimony makes look like a FRAUD. She is a FRAUD , HABITUAL LIAR.and a Con Artist.


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