Former Obama Official Issues SHOCKING THREAT To Freedom Convoy Truckers

(Patriot Insider) – Well, it seems we’re still not done hearing from officials who worked with former President Barack Obama, as one of them decided to share her thoughts and opinions about how Canada is dealing with the trucker convoy protest over COVID-19 vaccine mandates, essentially stating that the authorities just aren’t abusing their power enough.

A series of tweets posted by Juliette Kayyem, who is a Harvard lecturer, last Thursday, featured her reaction to the Freedom Convoy protest currently blocking a major trade bridge that exists between the U.S. and Canada, promising that if she were calling all the shots she would “not run out of ways to make this hurt.”

According to the Western Journal, “Kayyem’s calls for drastic action — which she swears aren’t motivated by vigilantism — are hardly the only example of extreme rhetoric targeting the recent truckers’ protest against vaccine mandates and other coronavirus restrictions. What’s ironic is that much of it comes from the same people who were incredibly tolerant of ‘protests’ in 2020, no matter how destructive they were — provided, of course, those ‘protesters’ supported progressive causes.”

Kayyem thinks the protest is unacceptable due to the fact it blocks the bridge where a high volume of trade is done and transported.

“The convoy protest, applauded by right wing media as a ‘freedom protest,’ is an economic and security issue now,” she posted on Twitter. “The Ambassador Bridge link constitutes 28% of annual trade movement between US and Canada. Slash the tires, empty gas tanks, arrest the drivers, and move the trucks.”

“Kayyem weighed in two hours later with more solutions, sounding every bit like the authoritarian principal in a John Hughes movie in the process,” the report said.

“Trust me, I will not run out of ways to make this hurt: cancel their insurance; suspend their drivers licenses; prohibit any future regulatory certification for truckers, etc.,” she stated in another post. “Have we learned nothing? These things fester when there are no consequences.”

Where in the world was Kayyem hiding during the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots that ravaged much of the country? When it comes to the left, BLM can do no wrong. Meanwhile, if a conservative so much as has an eye twitch toward someone of a different skin color, involuntary or not.

“Earlier today, I tweeted something that has been used by others to suggest I was promoting vigilantism. I was not,” she continued to write. “People have the freedom to protest. Governments have the responsibility to protect public safety. That was what I intended to say.”

“This is an odd take given that governments don’t usually slash people’s tires, although it may not be fair to say Kayyem was ‘promoting vigilantism.’ Instead, she’s the Twitter version of the guy who wants whoever keyed his car door to spend a few years in a supermax,” the WJ report said.

“She may not have been telling people to go out there and slash them some truck tires, no. However, it’s difficult to see these comments as someone dispassionately trying to balance protest rights vs. public safety when a) ‘public safety’ involves the undisrupted flow of trade, which sounds a bit more like an issue for elected politicians, and b) one of her tweets begins, “’rust me, I will not run out of ways to make this hurt,'” the report continued.

The Daily Caller pointed out that the current position that Kayyem holds was not the position he held during those 2020 riots.

“When GOP Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton proposed bringing out military force to quell the violence, she accused him of gunning for then-President Donald Trump’s secretary of defense position and said she was “highly attuned to ambition masked as a tweet,” the report noted.

Less than a week after she posted the tweet, Kayyem stated that Trump’s real desire to deploy troops was “ahistorical” and is only legal “if, like Trump, you see lawful protest,.. With pockets of violence, as an insurrection.”

The protests back in 2020 ended up becoming the most costly in American history when it comes to damage done, beating out the Los Angeles riots back in 1992.

“And therein lies a crucial difference: The Canadian trucker protests are disruptive, not violent. In this case, Kayyem is asking the state to use violence and punish political protesters severely, including with loss of livelihood. Her sentiments were different when actual violence was being committed by protesters,'” the report noted.

This just goes to show you that when it comes to liberals, there is an inherent thirst and hunger for power that regular people just do not have. They want to take control of everything they possibly can and they are now using the coronavirus to do it.

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